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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

UHANS Max 2 Accessories

UHANS Max 2 Accessories, Of course, we will cover accessories included and also and add more like information on cases other included bonuses.

In The  box, You Will get

1: Cell l Phone
1: Power Adapter:
1:  USB Cable:
1: Screen Protector

Bonus Material

If The 64GB ROM Is Not Enough
SD Card is a possible accessory and the UHANS Max 2 will take one up to 128GB.

Accessories We Wish Were An Option
Type C USB is not included in the UHANS Max 2 ruling out type C USB accessories and super cool features like quick charge. The Battery is quite big for a phone, 4300mah to be precise bigger batteries take longer to charge.
Accessory Not That Should Have Been Included
 No Case Included but we have included a link to cases fat the bottom. We do have an explanation as to why cases for that will fit the UHAN MAX 2 Are hard to find.
UHANS MAX 2 Case Explanation


Buy UHAN 2 Max Cases Here
SD Cards Click Here
Uhans Max 2 $159.99 Here