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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Keecoo P11 Pro Release Date

The Nokia 3 uses the same CPU as the Keeco P11 Pro so it's a  good base to help us figure out how much the Keecoo P11 Pro offers in value.

On 14th March 2018, the Kecoo P11 Pro will become available for $115.99
Keecoo P11 Pro Here On March 14th 2018

Keecoo P11 Pro VS Nokia 3

Nokia's Nokia 3 and Keecoo's P11 Pro operate using the same

MTK6737 CPU with very different prices.


Keecoo P11 Pro $115.99

Nokia 3 $179.25

Given that CPU's enable certain features it is only natural that they would have some features in common let' start off by mentioning some of those.

 Some Of The Features In Common

CPU MTK6737 1.3GHZ 2GB Ram 16GB Rom

Dual Sim

3G 4G

Some Of The Differences

SD Card Capacity

Keecoo P11 Pro

SD Card up to 64GB

Nokia 3

SD up to 256 GB


Keecoo P11 Pro

Back-camera: 13.0MP + 0.3MP  Camera type: Triple cameras  Front camera: 5.0MP

 Nokia 3

Front camera resolution: 8 MP Front Camera Rear camera resolution: 8 MP Rear Camera


Keecoo P11 Pro

6.0 inch, 1440 x 720 pixel IPS screen

 Nokia 3

5.0 inches  720 x 1280 pixels Screen


 Nokia 3

Non-removable Li-Ion 2630 mAh battery

Keecoo P11 Pro

 Battery Capacity (mAh): 3100mAh  Battery Type: Non-removable

Some P11 Pro Advantages

Higher Screen Resolution

Bigger Screen

Higher Battery Capacity

Higher Back Camera Resolution


Some Nokia 3 Advantages

Higher Front Camera Resolution

Greater SD Card Capacity


Android 8.0 Update Confirmed   (Keecoo P11 Pro unknown)

Full Nokia 3 Specs

Keecoo P11 Pro Accessories

 Listed accessories are the ones included with the release at the available link, however, more option are available.

Listed Accessories

Cell Phone: 1  Leather Case: 1  Power Adapter: 1  SIM Needle: 1  USB Cable: 1

Keecoo P11 Pro Cases

A case is included in the accessories, however, more options are optional

 Keecoo P11 Pro Case Options

More Memory
Internal memory is only 16GB so an SD card could really help but 64GB is the maximum the P11 Pro will accept. We will talk about an alternative phone that is nearly the same price as the Pro yet offers 64GB of internal memory and can accept a much larger SD card lower down.

SD Cards For The Keecoo P11 Pro

A Better New Release Than The Keecoo P11 Pro

When it was first on sale the Cubot X18 Pluses earliest releases were only $79.99 until the first ten units were sold. After the sale price increased to the current price of $129.99. So why is it better and how does it offer more value?

Keecoo P11 Pro VS Cubot X18 Plus

The Cubot X18 Plus is one of the first Chinese androids to operate on android 8.0 without an upgrade. Android  7.0 the usual is the preinstalled operating system for the P11 Pro.
Clocked at 1.5GHZ and with 4GB of Ram the X18  Plus is faster. without an Sd card, 64GB of internal memory is available, with an SD card the Cubot X18 Plus can increase memory by 256GB.
This is the tip of the iceberg as far as how much better a Cubot x18 plus phone is than the Keecoo P11 pro for only $14 more, compared the plus the pro looks like an amateur.

 Full Cubot X18 Plus Specs Here