Saturday, 22 April 2017

THL Box 1 VS THL Box 1 Pro

Where do you intend on using your android box?

Dual rooters have the option of utilizing the 5GHZ frequency which is very short range as in the same room. 2.4GHZ frequencies are stronger travelling through walls an bumping into one another which slows downs internet access. Because of this 5 GHZ frequencies can produce faster internet use with a stronger connection as they do not travel far enough to intervene with one another.

Do You Even Need More Space?
Internal memory is of course higher with the THL Box 1 Pro with 16GB, twice as much as the THL Box 1 but are you going to even need more than 8GB of storage and does it matter?
 An SD card slot gives users the option of using additional storage capacity and easily transferring content to other SD compatible devices
More ram faster box as memory used to carry out activities is higher.

Do More Than Just Watch What's On The Box
THL Box Pro features bluetooth which entail offers more option to users such as
speakers and even bluetooth controllers if you want to turn your android box into a console

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