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Saturday, 28 February 2015

SISWOO Cooper R8 Accessories

All Siswoo Cooper R8 Accessories plus compatible accessories like cases
Full Included accessory list
1 × Tempered glass protector
1 × HD protective film
1 × USB cable
1 × User manual (Chinese)
1 × 2A Charger supports rapid charging full
1 × Headphones which can also act an antenna necessary for radio function
1 × OTG cable

All Cooper R8 Specs

Understand Chinese ?
With the Siswoo Cooper R8 user manual is included however it's  not in English but don't worry you don't need it phone is set to language of purchase and the android 4.4 operating system is easy to figure out.

Increase R8 battery Life
Although technically not an accessory Built In 3350mAh Battery is worth a mention. Power can be extended with other accessories like a power bank because an additional battery is not an option with the Cooper R8. A power bank is a portable battery for electronic devices.
According to promotion the 2A Charger supports rapid charging and the Siswoo  Cooper R8 charging time from empty to full is an impressive 1.5 hours.

So far No specific case for the Siswoo cooper R8 but very nicely designed compatible  cases are available.

Extend Cooper R8 Memory
SD card is not included however an SD a card  with a maximum capacity of 64GB can be added.

 OTG cable is included which extends the use of OTG (on the go) a feature that allows USB devices to be plugged into the R8 making a console controller an accessory option.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Lenovo A399 Specs

Lenova A399 Full Specs with key features and find out how well it performed on a benchmark test. Also check out the supported sensors.

Lenovo A399 Lenovo A399 

Basic Information
Lenovo A399
2G: GSM 900/1800MHz
3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz 
Sim Card
Dual SIM Card Dual Standby 
Service Provide
Shell Material
Android 4.4.2
MTK6582, Cortex A7 quad core, 1.3GHz; GPU: Mali-400 MP
Display Size
5.0 Inch 
IPS, Capacitive touch screen
854 x 480 pixels
Support Format
LED Notification
FM Radio
Yes,Headphones are needed
Earphone Port
Card Extend
Yes, support SD card up to 32GB
Data Transfer & Connectivity
Data transfer
Mobile internet
Camera/Picture Resolution
Single Cameras, 2.0MP back camera 
English, Simplified Chinese
Yes, built in
Yes, 802.11 b/g/n
Gravity Sensor
140.7 x 72.6 x 9.9mm/5.54 x 2.86 x 0.39 inch

Net Weight(Including battery)
Standby Time
About 2~3 days
Other Feature
3G, WIFI, FM, Bluetooth, Ebook, Email, Messaging, wallpapers, calendar, 
calculator, clock, camera, sound record, tethering & portable hotspot, 
 Play Store, L-sensor, G-sensor, etc
175 x 95 x 60mm/6.89 x 3.74 x 2.36 inch
1 x 2500mAh Battery
1 x USB Cable
1 x Charger
1 x User Manual

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Meizu M1 Note Review

Full Meizu M1 Note review
with performance test and video also M1 vs iphone 5c table to see which is better.

I’ve seen other high priced android neglect a gorilla glass screen which will make display resistant to drops and scratches which is a must for a high priced android. fortunately the M1 Note has not made that mistake. Screen is 10 point touch  which is more accurate than a 5 point and can be touched at ten points at once. On a 5.5 inch screen ten points is a bit crowded.
Sensor options on a lot of newer but thinner Chinese android phones has been very limited so I'm glad gyro is supported. Gyro allows you to tilt the screen to move a character or car in a game like the nintendo wii steering wheel making games more fun.

Of the Sim slots available one is for 2g and the other for 3G and 4G the downside the 3 and 4G only work in china so you only get one sim slot that is only 2G.
Battery is built in which is a negative being able to use an additional battery is a plus for any android phone because battery usage is always an issue. For a cheaper phone I would not mind using a power bank to increase the phones output but with a high priced phone I expect it to stand up in all areas on its own.

os is a version of android 4.4 called flyme that is similar to  ios 7 the Chinese has no shame replicating a company built on original ideas and never imitated anyone. And yes the design is also similar to the iphone 5c which in some ways is a fault as in built in battery. But guess what it's much better value for money.
The memory described below is plenty however the design of the  M1 and 5c have one thing in common i don't like, no SD card. SD cards between 32GB to 64GB are a frequent feature of phones that allow the user to store memory externally and transfer between devices physically. I like to have options and no Sd card makes me feel limited. However there is a way to get additional space and android 5.0

Click Here For Other Option

Meizu M1 VS Iphone 5c

Clocked at 1.7ghz and with a an octa core  the M1 note is faster than the 1.3GZ iphone and better at running multiple tasks simultaneously.
Cameras and other hardware is also superior. 
Easy enough to work out but no English manual. with pre existing programs on phone you have about 12Gb. 3d games are don't usually take up more than 50MB but games vary. 

Phones performance is good just over 40.000 in antutu benchmark score other have scored over . With the Meizu M1 Note you get a superb phone if you live in china and a really good foreign iphone that feels  foreign if you don't. A cheaper faster better iphone in any country.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

More Fine E1 review

More fine E1 review 
morefine E1 release date 10/12/2014
Quad core phones are 2014's main event for the Chinese based android phones however this is 2015 and I feel as though getting a cheaper quad quad core phone or octa core phone around the same price makes so much  more sense. An octa core has 8 cores and a quad 4 the cores work together to reduce the workload of tasks aiding in efficiency of  power usage and program errands. Also being a newer chip the MTK Octa cores can enable the phone to do more.

As an quad core the E1 is ok but when octa core chips can score past 40,000 on a benchmark test and a quad core over under 25,000 on average your better off getting an octa core. everything the E1 does is quality  only snag is battery life.


4G for Asia and Europe
Android 4.4.2
Short Batter

Saturday, 7 February 2015

SISWOO Cooper i7 Review

Siswoo  cooper i7 review explains why the design is the Cooper i7 greatest strength and weakness.

Being a Chinese android 64 Bit phone it's hard to imagine the possibility of not longing for an upgrade to android 5.0 lollipop and siswoo are not supporting the upgrade but some rare Chinese manufacturers are.

It was a good decision to only use micro sims for the cooper i7 and it shows in performance when things are squeezed together sometimes it results in bad speaker placement which muffles sound but the Cooper i7 is clear as a highly technological bell. Screen is a highlight being 5 inches the Siswoo cooper i7 can call itself a phablet and although cheap the big screen knocks the price up when considered next to other chinese androids. However quality talks and the display combined with the MTK6572 CPU and mali-T760 GPU with 2GB of ram space says Full HD vivid motion on 3d games and movies and means it.

It's becoming a theme with recent MTK6572 android that are thinner and using smaller sims that the range of sensors are sacrificed, gyroscope is a loss for any gamer.

Another floor of designing super thin phones is battery life and the Siswoo cooper i7 is no different but you do have options
Even with the manufacturers set up you have about 10GB of memory which is a lot for a phone and an SD card up to 64GB can be used for extra space.

Quality speakers and Screen
Plays anything quickly and smoothly
 Tons Of space

Battery Life
longing for android 5.0

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Elephone G1 review

This Elephone G1 Review reveals how sufficient a low cost phone like the G1 is. 

As one of the newest Chinese quad core Chinese androids most new models use octa core but that slightly older CPU allows the G1 to be so cheap and shows with technology that once something new comes out the previous tech is devalued heavily and the Elephone G1 is reaping the benefits in manufacturing costs. Speaking of cost some features the phone has for the price are seriously good like 3G courtesy of the  MTK6582M CPU after all it's the Chip that endows these features like Hee mans sword Hee man.

Ram is 512MB which i would call the minimum that allow 3D games at a high standard not the best but good enough.
4GB of internal memory minus space for the pre installed  including android 4.4.2 operating system. Space can be expanded with SD card maximum 32GB.

Given the 3G feature it's nice imagine video chat with a nice camera 1.3MP is a chat and pixels will move I suppose so yes pixel chat lol. The back camera 5MP is good enough it goes back to the screen argument how many do you need more pixels to make a masterpiece do you need to make a masterpiece?

But the most stand out thing in terms of price when considering the hardware is the screen, five point multi touch to be exact meaning you can interact with five different points of the screen at once one for each finger plus the thumbs. Now you could argue the screen is not HD but who cares on a 4.5 inch screen it's not that much of a deal. 
One of the other hardware features I rave about is OTG this feature allows you to connect another USB device like a console controller for 3D games that are compatible.

I end on the G1 with simple words .. more than sufficient

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

ECOO E04 Aurora Review

Read Full E04 Aurora review Now
Battery life is quite good lasting more than a day without internet use and most of the day with frequent surfing.
Cameras are both excellent with front and back camera although a lot of phone neglect the front camera the E04's is great for selfies and combines well with the other features like 3G and skype for video chats. I'm not that into self photos but for the instagram models consider the E04 as your personal photographer

 ECOO E04 Full Specs From Supplier Here

New Phone Old Speakers
So far the only two faults I've found in the E04' performance are the speakers and sensors it does not have, but is has so much that given the price you hardly miss the sensors and the Antutu benchmark score is ridiculous and so is the quadrant score. Speakers are mono instead of the higher quality stereo I would have liked.

E04 MTK6752 Octa Core
As a side not performance is down in large part to the MTK6752 Octa Core CPU so measure the performance against other MTK6752 Chip phones to get the best value for money. The way to get a real measure for performance is to test the E04 here are the scores using Antutu and quadrant tests.

ECOO E04 Aurora Antutu benchmark and Quadrant Score

Antutu Score 40074

Quadrant Score 14246

System uses android 4.4 the easiest and most interactive version of android which automatically makes the E04 Aurora user friendly and also because a lot of Chinese android phones tend to come without an English manual an easy OS is a big benefit. Because of the 64 bit I would have liked to have an android 5.0 upgrade in the future but that's dependant on the manufacturer.
High Pixel Front and Back Cameras
High pixel screen

Not So many Sensors
No Android 5.0 Guarantee  
Sound Quality is Not that good