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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Ulefone Power Release Date

Ulefone are releasing a high battery android appropriately called power find Ulefone Power release date here

Release Date and Presale
As suggested by the name the Power is the largest battery android phone ulefone have ever released with a massive 6050mah battery that is made by sony. Androids released with Operating systems below android 5.0 lollipop can only be upgraded by manufacturers so when Ulefone pre installed android 5.1 they made a it much easier for customers.
The Ulefone Power hit the market late 2015 More information including pricing here

Saturday, 23 January 2016

UMI Rome Projector

Find UMI  Rome Projector Here
Many features are covered by the UMI Romes extensive list of resources however one question is for an UMI Rome Projector. In order to connect a phone to a projector the OTG(USB On The Go) feature is required and unfortunately for UMI Rome fans UMI Rome OTG is a no go however you do have options.
UMI Rome OTG Projector Solutions
Bluetooth projectors are an option as the rome does have bluetooth or you can transfer the romes memory to a device compatible with a projector. Some projectors are even compatible with an SD card slot and the UMI Rome SD card slot can support up to 64GB worth of memory.
Click Here To Find UMI Rome Bluetooth Projectors

Friday, 22 January 2016


Very popular umi rome is one of the highest value for money phones produced no need to wait for the UMI Rome UK Release we have it here. Stocks are limited in the UK so if you want it from UK Stock act quickly See More Here

We also have an UMI Rome Review which worth a read and tailored specifically towards the UK so make sure you Check That Out Our UMI Rome UK Review Here

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

UMI Rome SD Card

Get the best Umi Rome SD Card deal by Clicking Here

The Umi Rome can store a utilize an SD card with a maximum capacity of 64GB which is twice the Chinese android average 32GB and amazing for a phone of the romes price to support. One of the most impressive things about the UMI Rome SD card capacity is that despite the phone very slim design you get two sim slot and an SD card slot. With very slim designs it's common that one slot doubles as an SD card and sim card slot so you can only use two slots a time opposed to 3.
You can learn more about the UMI Rome With UMi Rome Review Here

For UMI Rome Compatible SD Cards Click Here
SD Cards are great for the UMI Rome However other accessories can be benefit Click Here For The Best Umi Rome Accessories And Why

Saturday, 16 January 2016

UMI Rome UK Review

The Umi Rome is mostly brilliant and most reviews will testify that the raw value for money is very hard to match and you can see the Best UMI Rome Prices By Clicking Here.
Enjoy In Depth Review Of the UMI Rome Highlightin the pros and cons

For the sake of balance I will start this review by highlighting the negatives of the UMI Rome to give a fair and unbiased judgement.

UMI Rome UK Review NFC
NFC means near field communication it's a technology similar to bluetooth and is used in London transport all the time by oyster cards. If you are in the UK you may have seen NFC symbols at bus stops offering NFC phones instant access to bus arrival times which is very convenient.  A great feature and one that UMI Rome UK users would have benefited from had it been included.

UMI Rome Screen
Screen is two points not the stated five which does effect accuracy when moving through task quickly it's easy to simultaneously touch more than two points of the screen at once and then have to suffer the slower speed and inaccuracy of a two point screen over the preferred five point screen. I'm more annoyed by the fact that a screen stated as five point touch is two but that is done by certain sellers so I can't hold that against the Rome.

UMI Rome Connectivity OTG?
In terms of connectivity the UMI Rome has almost everything but one feature we all love every phone to have is missing and if the title of this paragraph did not give it away it's OTG. OTG gives you the option of connecting USB devices to your phone you can even use it for projectors not having this feature is a shame.
 However many options for connectivity are still available like bluetooth and to learn more about how to benefit from umi rome features and connectivity visit our UMI Rome Accessories Page Here

UMI Rome Battery Life
Battery is built in but not built to last personally my use of the phone when I'm out is sparingly but with average use the Rome does not last long enough and once you throw in the 3G and 4G matters only worsen. This irritates I like a phone to last at least long enough for me to get home regardless of use.

UMI Rome Sound
Whenever I think of Rome or look at the photo used to market the UMI Rome I imagine beings surrounded by sound the way you would in a coliseum, now the sound is clear but not loud.

UMI Rome Price Comes At A Price
When you deal with a phone this feature packed the manufacturer has to save cost somewhere and judging by the popularity and personal feeling the UMI Rome is great value for money so don't be put off by how this review started.

UMI Rome UK Reception
Signals do vary from place to place depending networks so umi cannot take all the credit but so far the UMI Rome is very good with signal strength.

UMI Rome Dual Sim
Use two sims at once of either 2g 3g and 4g in terms of 4G pay as you go I would suggest UK users look into Giff gaff for the best deals. Dual sim combines well with tethering a feature that allow the UMI ROME WIFI to be shared between devices most obviously laptops and tablets.
Highlights of UMI  Rome Dual Sim feature and benefits in full reviewe here

Accessories your receive with are bland and so many options exist with the rome learn about Best UMI Rome Accessories Here

UMi Rome SONY IMX179 Review
Once the back camera is Sony it gives instant credibility which is risky considering the UMI Rome is the only phone I've stumbled a across using this camera model so the risk of a let down was always there. However the camera is in fact very good and here is video to prove it.

UMI Rome Performance
As I mentioned in the pros and cons page which relates to this review just without hands on information when you combine 3GB of Ram and an Octa Core speed and multitasking can only benefit and the UMI Rome is quick.

See Related UMI Rome Pros And Cons Here

UMI Rome Antutu Benchmark
To get a taste of a phones actual performance benchmark tests are performed to measure the phone true capability and the rome did pretty well scoring over 30,000, considering the UMI Rome Price that's phenomenal
The more expensive samsung galaxy j5 only scored 21597.

UMI ROME Review Conclusion
 Alot of what's in this review was covered on a more technical level in our UMI Rome Pros And Cons page Here

One of the very best terms of value for money well worth lives up to the specs for the most part the major cons would be the screen and lack of NFC as everything else is easily forgiveable considering the price and applicable to many others.
Which Is The Best UMI Phone? Find Out Here

Friday, 15 January 2016

UMI Rome Pros And Cons

Click here for  UMI Rome Pros and Cons 

MTK6753 Octa Core : More cores benefit multitasking efficiency in both time and energy and with eight the Umi Rome benefits a lot.
Clock speed is 1.3GHZ which is not super quick but more speed means more heat and faster energy consumption.

Ram is an amazing 3GB combined with the Octa core the Rome will be fast despite clock speed and excel at running demanding applications.

OS(Operating System):  First it's not android 6.0 which is the latest android and in case you were wondering Chinese brands have released models operating Using the latest system.
OS is custom model called oxygen based on android 5.1 this can be good or bad depending on preference and the design of the manufacturer. In the review we actually discovered the os is very good and does not use up much space.

UMI Rome Pros And Cons Design
Con  Umi Rome Battery Life
Battery is built in meaning a spare is not an option to extend battery life.
Dual sim phones actually use more power than single sim phones.
Battery does not last long at all mentioned more in depth in review.
Pro Umi Rome Design
Design is super thin so building the battery in is more practical and insures a  more sturdy phone. Considering the size of the phone they've managed to fit in
space for two sims and an SD card plus SD cards max out at 32GB on average the UMI Rome SD Card capacity is 64GB.

All this and more is covered in the UMI Rome Review Which you can read here

Many delicate looking phones are just that delicate but the Rome could probably survive a  few rounds in the coliseum thanks it's gorilla glass that protects the screen from impact and scratches

UMI Iron Pro Pros And Cons Here

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Umi Rome Online Purchase

 Umi Rome Online Purchase is it worth it?
Check out the UMI Rome review here To Find Out

The Umi Rome stands out because of it's price in relation to key features.
A big one is ram space the Rome packs a massive 3GB of ram for running games and programs.Overall as far as value for money not many do better than the UMI Rome.
Where to Find The UMI Rome?
For Best Place For Umi Rome Online Purchase Click Here

Should I purchase the Umi Rome Online alone?
Thanks to the range of high specs and features and connectivity there are some accessories that you may want to consider when purchasing the UMI Rome.
Click Here For More
Why You Shouldnt purchase the UMI Rome
Our review gives unbiased information highlighting the positive and yes there are some negative aspects of the UMI Rome so if you havent already check that page out now and for even more see the UMI Rome Pros and Cons right Here

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Ulefone Power UK Stock

Click Here to get Ulefone Power Stock information in other words an easy guide to UK stockists.  Ulefone Power UK Release stockists  will import the power from China most, probably via the cheapest carrier service which will take at maximum 30 days. Given the Ulefone Power Release date of 26th January so you can expect UK stock by 30th march the latest.

AS promised Ulefone power UK Stock available by clicking here

Monday, 11 January 2016

Ulefone Be Touch 2 UK Stock

Click through for Ulefone Be Touch 2 UK Stock. Ulefone Be 2 android 5.1 3GB 5.5 inch Full HD screen Phablet. 2G 3G or 4G sims from UK networks are all compatible with the Be Touch 2. Memory can be extended by 64GB with TF card more commonly known as an SD card.
Click Through Here For Ulefone Be Touch 2 UK Seller

Ulefone Power Release Date

Get Ulefone Power release date with presale for massive discount on early purchase by clicking through Here. Before release sometimes flash sales or presales are offered which rewards early purchase the earlier you pre order the cheaper the price. In regards to the Power it's scheduled to hit the  market on 18th January and this page was published on the 11th January so still time for discount before release.
Click Through for Ulefone Power Presale Price

Umi Iron Pro Mobile Price

See Umi Iron Pro Mobile Phone Price right here including shipping. Receiving over 10 positive reviews from buyers these price is made more impressive by the fact is is unaffected by the location the Umi Pro is shipped from for instance an american can revcieve the pro from an US warehouse, also including warranty. With the Pro you can extend memory by a whopping 64GB with an SD card which is why I  would have liked it better if a discount was offered on an SD card when purchasing the Pro possibly taking advantage of joint shipping.
With 5 Star Reviews The Umi Pro Costs $166.49 Click Here For Deal

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Umi Iron Pro Reviews

See our list of UMI Iron Pro Reviews for extensive information on the very be st deal. Over 14 Umi Iron Pro Reviews Here. Very similar to the previous Umi Iron(Iron for Iron man) the pro is very well liked.

To see Pro Phone Reviews Click This Link Now