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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Elephone P8 Mini Release Date

 When is The Elephone P8 MINI Release Date? This is the first Elephone to feature android based operating system from Elephone the ELE 1.0.
Available Colours
 Blue Red Black

 Release Is June 16TH
Click Here For P8 Mini Specs

IS The P8 Mini The Best phone Elephone have released in 2017?We have a list of Elephone finest see how well the P8 MINI did here

Friday, 26 May 2017

Elephone P8 Mini Price In Pakistan

Elephone P8 Mini Price In Pakistan. Key features 16MP Back Camera Android 7.0 nougat 5 Inch HD Screen and even more great specs given the price.
 The price is $149.99 which is 15803.70 Pakistani Rupee.

Elephone P8 Mini $149.99 Here

More Prices In Pakistan
 21073.95 Pakistani Rupee
 Elephone P8 $199.00 Here

10957.95 Pakistani Rupee
 Ulefone Gemini $103.99 Here

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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Oukitel U11 Plus VS Samsung Galaxy S8

Oukitel U11 Plus VS Samsung Galaxy S8. Believe it or not the S8 has some competition and the Oukitel U11 Plus is definitely on track to challenge the S8 with some worthwhile features the S8 lacks and a price that will shock you given its specs.

OTG And Type C USB
Example Of OTG Phone Use

USB On the go is definitely a plus for the U11 plus it is a feature the S8 lacks that makes the U11 Plus capable of connecting with USB devices.

Type C USB on the other hand is less in use but definitely the future it features faster data transfer than USB2.0.

Clock Speeds
Samsung Galaxy S8

Exynos 8895 Octa - EMEA Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 - US model CPU    Octa-core (4x2.3 GHz & 4x1.7 GHz) - EMEA Octa-core (4x2.35 GHz Kryo & 4x1.9 GHz Kryo) - US model GPU    Mali-G71 MP20 - EMEA Adreno 540 - US model

Oukitel U11 Plus
MTK6750T Octa Core ( A53 x 4 1.5GHz + A53 x 4 1.0GHz )

Fun Fact: Technically octa core CPU's are two quad core CPU's working together

 ROM(Read Only Memory) And Ram (Random Access Memory)
Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB
Oukitel U11 Plus 64GB

Samsung Galaxy S8 4GB
Oukitel U11 Plus 4GB

SD Card Capacity
Samsung Galaxy S8 256GB
Oukitel U11 Plus  128GB
  CPU: MTK6750T  Cores: 1.5GHz,1GHz,Octa Core  GPU: Mali-T860  RAM: 4GB RAM  ROM: 64GB  External Memory: TF card up to 128GB (not included)

 Samsung Galaxy S8 3000 mah
Oukitel U11 Plus 37000 mah

 Even though the S8 has a smaller battery it features quick charge 2.0. What's better a large battery with a longer charging time or a smaller battery with a slower charging time? Quick charge 2.0 is supported by the snapdragon CPU ad not the MTK CPU the U11 Plus uses.

Bigger Battery More Weight
 Samsung Galaxy S8 155 grams
 Oukitel U11 Plus 220 gram

Front Cameras
Samsung Galaxy S8 8MP
Oukitel U11 Plus  13MP
Fun fact: The  U11 Plus is the third phone in history to feature a 13MP front camera

Back Cameras
Samsung Galaxy S8 12MP
Oukitel U11 Plus 13MP

Samsung Galaxy S8  5.8  1440 x 2960 Gorilla Glass  5
Oukitel U11 Plus 5.7 1920 x 1080 No Gorilla glass
Fun Facts: Gorilla glass 5 is the newest gorilla glass resistant to impact and scratches.

Bluetooth 4.0 VS Bluetooth 5.0

5.0 is faster, has a wider  and longer range and can connect to two bluetooth devices at once giving you the option of connecting two bluetooth speakers at once. The S8 is the  first phone to incorporate bluetooth  5.0 making its bluetooth superior to every other phone including the U11 Plus

U11 Plus Advantages
13MP Front Camera
3700 Mah Battery
Very Low Price
Click Here For U11 Plus Price

Samsung S8 Advantages
Bluetooth 5.0
Type C USB
Gorilla Glass 5
Twice as much SD card capacity

Thursday, 18 May 2017

ASUS Pegasus 3S Price In Malaysia

ASUS Pegasus 3S Price In Malaysia And Review. We discovered key reasons the price of the Pegasus 3S does not reflect the value find out more here.

In US Dollarst he pegasus 3S is $189.99 which is  821.99 Malaysian Ringgit    ASUS Pegasus 3S $189.99
Click Here For ASUS Pegasus 3S Review

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Gretel A7 Price In India And Review

 Gretel A7 Price In India along with review for the Android 6.0 Dual Sim Gretel phone. Right now you can get the A7 for 2586.75 Indian Rupee and which is $49.99

Click Here for The Gretel A7 Review

Oukitel U11 Plus Release Date In India

 Oukitel U11 Plus Release Date In India And Price In Indian Rupee
Specs are actually incredible given the price oukitel are releasing one of the best Chinese android of 2017 so far and Tekkdorid does not say that lightly we have list of the best phones of 2017 from various brands.
Shipments for the U11 Plus will begin on 3rd June 2017 and in Indian Rupee it will cost  10256.96 Indian Rupee
 See Oukitel U11 Plus Specs Here
Some Of the Best Android Phones


Friday, 12 May 2017

Gretel A7 Review Pros And Cons

 Gretel has released the cheapest android 6.0 phone the Gretel A7 and we have reviewed it here.
Aren’t there cheaper Android phones?
Actually yes there are but I doubt any of them use android 6.0. To use android 5.0 and higher phones have to use 64 Bit CPU, not the older 32Bit CPU of old. 64Bit CPU's are way more powerful and when more programs are designed to take advantage you will under stand why but enough about that for now.

How can one of the latest version of android be a con?
Well maybe not the Android itself but what it represents, a shame. Android 6.0 is one of the best Android versions for dual sim, signalling through color which one of the sim cards is being rung so the user can decide how to respond better.

Any Sim But 4G
 Dual Sim phones give users the option of choosing which of two sims to make a call from and alerting you to which number is being rung. 2G and 3G networks are available the shame is that 4G is not included removing the option of the fastest internet available.

Gretel A7 Total Recall 48GB
Memory is 16GB minus the android 6.0 marshmallow and other preinstalled apps, this can be increased yet another 32GB with an SD card. 1GB RAM is enough to run most thing it's not super fast but carries out basic task well.

The Cost Of a Low Price
Being a low  budget phone I can understand it will not receive the same level of support as more expensive models however more to feel safe when purchasing mobile I need OTA(Over The Air) Updates so that should firmware issues arrive I can have confidence the manufacturer will sort it out Over the air. Without OTA I feel as though Gretel are trying to sell us on the very impressive preinstalled OS which creates a potentially false sense of security. I would have been much happier with OTA even if the updates were not that frequent given the price of the Gretel A7.

Gretel A7 $49.14 Here

 To give you an idea of price and value the Gretel A7 offers let's compare it to a major Chinese and using the same CU the MTK6580 elephone. Elephone have released a phone that cost more and features less called the Elephone A1 it does have the advantage of having Elephones good name.

Elephone A1 $68.65 Here

Hard to Scratch The Surface
Screens are a double edged sword to some extent the higher the resolution the more energy they consume so given the HD standard the A7 adheres to and 2000mah battery in this instance the Pros and the cons balance each other out to an extent. HD resolution the A7 displays is still beautiful so don't let the previous comment damage your view of the screen see what I did there.

Considering this is a low budget phone I am pleasantly surprised by is the Gorilla Glass screen which is impact resistant and scratch proof, protecting the A7 from physical damage, not one's personal view.

Screen Protector is not mentioned but is actually in fact included with accessories. A silicone cover although not stated is also included, sounds great only problem is that the hole for the microphone is in the wrong place and sound is already weak.

Charging time is only about one hour and although the battery is 2000mah that's still very fast.

 Camera is OK in good lighting but in bad lighting the back lights flash proves inadequate.  

More To Choose From
Typically two colour option are available but with the Gretel A7 you can select from Black, Orange, Yellow and Silver

Dual Sim
2G 3g
32GB SD Card
Surprise Accessories
HD Screen
Gorilla Glass
 Value For Money
Colour Options
Charging Time
Very Low Priced Android

Small Battery
Only HD Resolution
lack of 4G
OTA Unavailable
Weak sound
Weak Back light

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Elephone A1 Release Date

 Elephone A1 Release Date Available in two colours Blue and golden. Dual Sim allowing you to operate two sims at once.OS installed is android 6.0 marshmallow. Is this the best Low budget Phone?

First Shipments for the Elephone A1 begin on the 31St MAY and the Price is $69.99.
Click Here For That

Better Than The Elephone A1

 The aforementioned phone is called the Gretel A7 which also uses the same MTK6580 CPU. Release is also earlier with shipping available from 10th May  And it's price is $49.99, I know what the banner says but that's only the first ten units.

How It's better than the Elephone A1?
It features Gorilla Glass which protects the screen from impacts and scratches.
Cheaper than the Elephone A1
Earlier Release Date

Gretel A7 Features
Gorilla Glass HD Screen
Android 6.0
Click Here For More

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Cheapest Android 6 Phone In India
 This is the cheapest Android 6.0 Phone In India costing just 2586.49 Indian Rupee which is unheard of.
Model is called the Gretel A7 Highlights include
Dual Sim
HD Screen
Android 6.0 Marshmallow Version Of Course
Click Here For Full Specs

ASUS Pegasus 3S Pros And Cons

ASUS Pegasus 3S Pros And Cons giving you the good and not so good.

Two Sims at OnceNetworks operating on 2G 3G and 4G networks are all usable with the ASUS Pegasus so you can use two sims at once either of which can receive a call or be used to make a call.
Dual sim phones use more energy but then again with a 5000mah battery does it matter?
You know the only problem with a 5000mah battery?
Charging it
Quick charge is a features that would have charged 5000mah battery in under 2 hours had it been included.

Only HD
Screen resolution is HD as opposed to the Full HD screen which is a shame give the price of the 3s. Higher resolution screens not only display in more detail but also let you see more of the page as more pixels are shown at once.
On the plus a higher resolution screen would have drained the battery faster but given the 5000mah battery the pegasus S3 has installed would it have mattered.

Metal Body
Android phones from Chinese brands predominantly use plastic whereas the pegasus uses metal. Metal is actually better for us as plastic as exposure to plastic actually effects hormone levels.

Why a 5 magnet speaker is better than 1
5 Magnet speakers produce better louder sound quality, you ever noticed how headphone earpieces can magnetize each other?Like headphones speakers use magnets to vibrate in order to produce sound.

Ridiculous Memory
SD Card capacity is nearly unheard of extended memory by a staggering 2TB the equivalent of 2000GB.

5000mah Battery
 HD Screen (Saves Energy)

 2TB SD Card Capacity
Android 7.0 Nougat
5 Magnet Speakers
Dual Sim 2G 3G 4G

HD Screen
Dual Sim Energy Consumption

HOMTOM HT37 Price Pakistan

HOMTOM HT37 Price Pakistan  MTK6580 2GB RAM Android 6.0 Phone
This is a low budget smart phone with relatively high specs.

The HOMTOM Ht37 is 8384.95 Pakistani Rupee and it's available by clicking here

Sunday, 7 May 2017

HOMTOTM HT37 Release Date

When and Where Will the  HOMTOM HT37 be released OS system used the android 6.0 Marshmallow version and not the Android 7.0 nougat version I would have liked for faster operation of the phone due to built in short cuts.

We have found the earliest date of release which is May 17th available here
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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

ASUS Pegasus 3S Review Of Price

In this  ASUS Peagusus  3S review will review why the price is high relative to competition and provide alternative that in many ways give far more value for money. Feel free to click links at any time they will open in a separate tab so you will not lose your place.

At Lowest the Price for the ASUS Pegasus 3S Max $189.99 Available clicking link below but first let me explain all the reasons the 3S Max is over priced and
 ASUS Pegasus 3S $189.99

Biggest Expense For Most Phones
CPU's (Central Processing Units) are usually the most expensive component of the that's the main reason snapdragon phones are more expensive on average than MTK Media tek counterparts so what type of CPU does the Asus Pegasus 3S use surely a snapdragon oft he highest calibre right?
Actually The Pegasus uses a CPU from you guessed it media Tek, it's called the MTK6750 which is a good CPU but not the highest performing CPU or even the highest performing CPU Media Tek Produces

MTK6750 Alternative

Dogee Y6 Max MTK6750 Phone
Under $150 Full HD Screen 6.5 Inches
4300mah Battery3D Glasses
Price $149.99 Click Here For Specs

Power And Power Consumption
Average battery capacity for an android this size is around 2800-3500mah so with a 5000mah battery the ASUS Pegasus is a top tier and given the screen is only HD that battery will last a while as screens use a lot of energy.
Considering how much your paying, Full HD makes a lot more sense and there is a phone considerably cheaper that offers a 6050mah batter with Full HD at less than the ASUS Pegasus and features a more advanced version of the MTK6750 CPU called the MTK6750T. Learn More About that phone below

Ulefone Power 2 
Android 7.0 6050 mah Battery
Full HD Screen
Learn More Here

3 Reasons The ASUS Pegasus 3S Is worth The Money

I am actually seriously impressed by memory and I'm not talking about the Oh so average 32GB Internal memory or even the 3GB RAM I'm talking about the massive external capacity via SD card. Memory extends to 2TB (Terabytes) which is 2 thousand GB.

Quality Build
Most phones although sturdy are made from cheaper plastic whereas the 3S is made from metal.

 5 magnet speakers create greater sound Quality

Reasons For Price
2TB SD Card Capacity
Metal Build
5 Magnet Speakers

Not Worth The Money Because
Just HD Screen Instead of Full HD
Alternatives That Offer More Value For Money