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Friday, 10 June 2016

Ulefone Future Accessories

Accesory choices for Ulefone Future Phone
Ulefone Future Tips Learn about Ulefone  Future accessories included and some great ones that are not included

In The Box
Of the Accessories included the super charger really stands out and a testament the futures design the battery must be able to with stand the voltage or it would be damaged.

 Cell Phone: 1
Power Adapter: 1
USB Cable: 1
English Manual : 1
SIM Needle: 1

Additional  Accessory Options
SD Card
Obvious but not to be snubbed thanks to the CPU a Micro SD Card also called a TF Card can be used to increase memory by 128GB

USB devices are accessory devices for the future due to USB On the Go Flash drives and even console controllers are usable.

Bluetooth Accessories
Bluetooth is a way to communicate with devices most popular choices would probably be bluetooth headphones.

Wired Headphones
Headphones are not included however you can use any 3.5mm headphones or speakers with the future.

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