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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Elephone S7 Mini Review Pros And Cons

Elephone S7 Mini Review with the Pros and yes cons that in some ways make the S7 Mini Inferior to the S7 Find Out Why Here

High Specs
Full Specs Click Here
Android 6.0
Quick Charge

Both A Pro And Con
Always a  plus,dual sim enables two sims to be installed at once the con is that as you can see from the image one slot doubles as an SD cards slot so if you want to use an SD card it will eliminate the benefits of being a dual sim phone.

On the plus an   same as the non MINI S7 Version SD Card with a storage capacity of 128GB can take a sim's place 

 Unlock the S7 Mini with a fingerprint.

No Type C USB
Type C USB us the future since apple started introducing it the benefits will slowly become more prominent and so will devices that are compatible with type USB phones.

OTG (USB On The Go) is also not an option preventing connectivity with USB devices like gaming controllers and flash drives

Near Field Communication is a close  range but faster bluetooth great for receiving information quickly it's the same technology used by bank cards for quick touch payment and phones with this feature can be set up to do the same thing and more.

Dual Sim Negation
SD card slot comes at the cost of a sim slot disabling dual sim feature in favour of greater memory.

Built in batteries like the S7 MIni's  are great for design smoothness but the negative is the battery cannot be replaced.

Screen of difference
Capacitive screens like the S7 MINI have the benefit of being receptive to human touch but not objects like stylus's.

Last but by no means least there is an  argument that for the exact same price the 2GB of the larger  Screen Elephone S7 is the better phone
See Why The S7 MINI Is Not As Good As The S7 By Clicking Here


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