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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Cubot Rainbow 2 Price In Pakistan

What is the Cubot Rainbow 2 Price In Pakistan and is it worth the money? I mean other than the colour options as the name suggest what else does the Rainbow 2 offer for the price.

The rainbow 2 is a low priced android phone under $100 even after flash sale which reduces prices for earlier sales. Currently while on flash sale the rainbow 2 is 7335.65Pakistani Rupee
See flash sale here

Three Reasons that the Rainbow 2 is worth he price
Android  7.0
Receiving an android 7.0 update is luxury not every phone manufacturer affords so when a phone offer android 7.0 pre installed your getting a good deal for the price.

Triple camera
Two back cameras  creates better images see this page to learn more under dual Gemini.
Learn More About The Cameras Here

Dual Sim And SD Card Slot

Being able to hold two sim cards is a huge plus and a phone without  an SD card slot is severely limited so a 256GB capacity very welcome especially when it does not come at the cost of and sim slot

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Ulefone Future Vs Ulefone Gemini

Ulefone future Vs Ulefone Gemini in depth analysis featuring real performance not just specs so check this out.

If Any of your questions about the Gemini are not answered here check out the Ulefone Gemini Questions and answers page here

Ulefones Future’s OS hangs in the Balance
Operating systems are identical at first android 6.0 however Ulefone have committed to OTA update for the ulefone Gemini  taking it from android 6.0 to android 7.0. When you call the phone a future ulefone we expect you to keep updating it into the future.

MTK6737T VS MTK6755
 Clock speeds the CPU's operate at is very different with the future ahead as the name suggest with a clock speed of  1.95GHZ thanks to its MTK6755 Processor. It also has the advantage of having twice as many cores to run programs.

Half the cores and slower clock speed the ulefone Gemini may seem inferior but that completely depends on the tasks given to it because the most expensive component of the majority of phones is the CPU so is it worth it will you use all those cores?

Gemini MTK6737T Quad Core 1.5GHZ
Future MTK6755 Octa core 1.95GHZ

Can MTK6737T Phones Overclock?
Usually when phone CPU have a T  at the end of the name  it stands for turbo giving the phone the ability to temporarily increase CPU performance at the cost of faster battery drain and overheating however for short bursts a welcome feature.

Do MTK6737T phones have more memory?
One surprising fact is that the Gemini has more memory so to speak.
In internal memory the Ulefone's have 32G each but once you take into account SD cards it's a different story.

Future SD Card capacity 128GB
Gemini SD Card Capacity 256GB

Ulefones Values
It's not just about money it's about value and a more expensive phone can afford to spend on more valuable features so lets look at some of those features expense were spared on with the Ulefone Gemini but not the more expensive Gemini

OTG USB On the go is a feature the Gemini is missing and one of the best features any phone can have so the Future has a huge appeal to me.
USB devices like flash drives,c onsole controllers and even specific android USB controllers can be used with USB enabled devices helping the ulefone future leave lesser phones in the past.
OTG Example

Type C USB

Quick Charge

What's better a phone that has a slightly larger battery or a phone that charges faster?
 Battery Capacity (mAh): 3250mAh Built-in

Battery Capacity (mAh): 3000mAh Built-in Also has quick charge

As a cost of design I almost always expect batteries to be built in however it does not stop me from wishing the future and Gemini could use two batteries one after other but with both phones that is not the case.


Dual Gemini
Dual rear cameras work together to capture images in the way eyes work together creating more vivid 3D visuals. Because   of this and we cannot judge cameras simply by resolution and assume the Futures picture quality to be better because it's back camera resolution is 3MP's greater at 16MP.

Gemini's in the zodiac signs are known for having dual personalities it's also the sign of twins. One of the gemini's  back cameras is 13MP and the other 5MP but it's how they work together that allow the gemini twin cameras to produce amazing picture quality.

Another phone that uses vertical dual rear cameras is the HTC One M8.
HTC One M8 Dual  Cameras

Specs Don't always reveal performance
See Full Ulefone Future And Gemini Specs Here
Click Here Ulefone Future
Click Here Ulefone Gemini

What won't the specs show?

One of the not so great features of the future was GPS accuracy but with the Gemini GPS is considerably better.

No NFC In Ulefones Future
Specs won't show it because it's not there
Neither phone has NFC (Near field Communication) fort hose of you who do not know it's th same technology that bank cards use that allow them to touch and pay. Phones can also use this feature to pay for things and even receive and send inforamtion very quickly, information like maps and travel routes.
NFC Example

Tekkdroid Verdict
In Tekkdroids opinion ulefone have out done themselves with the Ulefone Gemini they have produced a better phone as far as realiability is concerned at a cheaper price what other definition of value for money could we give you.
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Subjective Information

Future Advantages

Faster Processor
Type C USB
 OTG (USB On The Go)

Gemini Advantages

Android 7.0 Guaranteed
Dual Cameras
More accurate GPS
larger 256GB SD Card Capacity.

Neither Has


Built In Battery

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Ulefone Future Android 7.0

Android 7.0 ulefone future information

Will the Ulefone Future ever be upgraded to android 7.0 Nougat? The very first ulefone confirmed to have android 7.0 update is called the Ulefone Gemini andnow ulefone are set to release the very first android 8.1 ulefone.

Future Update And Alternatives
Ulefone have not confirmed any plans for taking the Futures OS into the future.

 Ulefone With Android 8.1
Android 7.1 Upgrades to Android 8.1
See Phone Here

Oukitel Mix 2 And MEIIGOO Note 8 Android 7. 0
Dual Sim With 3G and 4G 5.99 Inch Screens
64GB Internal Memory
Oukitel Mix 2 VS MEIIGOO Note 8 Here 

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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Ulefone Gemini Release Date

View Android 6.0 Phone Ulefone Gemini Release Date and Ulefone phone reviews Here

Android 7.0
so  far Ulefone has not released a phone with android 7.0 and the Gemini will not be the first. OTA(Over The Air) update from android 6.0 to android 7.0 will be sent a few months after release maybe in May /June
A Gemini
If this phones called Gemini why does that mean it will be released in May.Get the actual date here. Release is due for 27Th February when shipments begin maybe it's called the Gemini because Mid may is around the time android 7.0 will be available.

Black Grey Golden

Useful Links
 Ulefone Gemini VS Octa Core Ulefone future

Ulefone gemini Questions And Answers Here

Click Image For Ulefone Gemini Sale

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Buy Elephone P20 Online

Before You Buy Elephone P20 Online read this.Many Of you may be thinking about purchasing the Elephone P20 and why wouldn’t you? Specs are great and with an supposed price of 189.99 the value for money more than matches.
Long Story short you may never receive it. For the long story read the full Elephone P20 Review By Clicking Here
Get Elephone P20 Online Price and reason not to but find out here

Monday, 13 February 2017

Elephone P20 Price In Pakistan

Elephone P20 Price In Pakistan And Review Taken from official information given to us by Elephone.
We have a price of 24856.88 Pakistani Rupee for the Elephone P20 this will of course change as currencies fluctuate and perhaps Elephone will change the price at time of release.
Before Considering The Elephone P20 Read This Review
Elephone P20 Review Click Here

Elephone P20 Review Pros And Cons

Review of Elephone P20 with alternatives that do not share the Elephone P20's biggest flaw
Elephone P20 Review Pros And Cons And Better Options Waiting For the release Date?
By far the biggest con is that we have no official release date by the time the P20 hits the market it may be outdated the Elephone p900 Edge was suppose to be released nearly a year ago and we are still waiting.

Elephone Forgets
Elephants never forget but when it comes to releasing phones it seems Elephone do so to save you a potential lengthy wait here are some  phones that offer some of the P20's highlights without the wait.

Called the Elephone Helio P20 Because of the P20 CPU used in this model

RAM Space is 6GB which is huge space for running programs with way more than is necessary but should one choose to use even 2 thirds of the Ram for multitasking purposes they will discover the p20 is a monster.
Internal Memory capacity is 32GB which is the average for Chinese brands but still very adequate
SD Card can increase storage by maximum of 256GB

Other phone Also using P20 CPU

UMI Plus Extreme
P20 CPU 2.3GHZ 6GB Ram 64GB Internal Memory
Sony Battery  4000mah
Available Now See Full Specs here

Another highlight of the Elephone P20 is it's VR Screen so here's a phone with an even faster processor and 3d Screen

Vernee Apollo
Virtual Reality Screen
2.5GHZ Decac Core
Higher Screen Resolution than Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Click Here

Dual Micro Sim 
Accepting two sim cards from 2G 3G and yes 4G networks is always a plus nice to have a  number for business and pleasure. Android 6.0 alerts you to which sim is being called so if there is one you'd rather not answer this phone can help.

 Dual Camera: Front 8M and Back 12MP F/1.7 Camera
Same Camera Aperture as Samsung Galaxy S7

Bluetooth 4.0 does intervene with 4G costing more energy if both are used at once Bluetooth 4.1 would have been preferred.

Dual Band 2.4G/5G
Most devices operate on the 2.4GHZ frequency but some can operate on the 5.0 frequency and benefit form faster wifi and internet from close proximity the Elephone P20 is one of these devices so if you have a dual rooter now is the time to use it.

OTG USB On the go need I say more?
Ok Ill say more connecting to USB devices increases the connectivity of devices and makes them so much more compatible with everything else

Super Screen
3D Screen is by far the stand out features of the Elephone P20 a feature that is not common amongst phones but very welcome. Resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels which is Full High Definition. Capacitive screens have the advantage of being touched only by the human hand at the cost of not being able to use items like pens or styluses to control the screen.

Multi Touch
High Resolution
OTG (USB On The Go)
Wireless Charging
Quick Charge


Outdated by release
Alternativs UMI Plus E
Vernee Apollo

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Doogee X9 Pro Vs Doogee X9 Vs Doogee X9 Mini

We have the Doogee X9 Mini And And X9 Pro And somewhere in between the X9.

Screens are equal in resolution but not in size. As the name suggest the Mini has a smaller 5 inch screen to the 5.5 inch X9 Pro and Doogee X9.

MTK6737 VS MTK6580
Like many Chinese brand Doogee have used Taiwanese CPU manufacturer Media Tek for all three phones with the Mini X9 and X9 using the earlier MTK 6580 and the Pro of course using the later MTK6737 CPU. All CPU's have a clocks speed of 1.3GHZ.
Internal Memory  8GB X9 Mini
Internal Memory 16GB X9
Internal Memory 16GB X9 Pro

Ram 1GB Mini
Ram 1GB X9
Ram 2GB X9 Pro

SD Card Capacity

64GB  X9 Mini
64GB  X9
128GB X9 Pro

X9 Pro
Back camera 8MP
Front Camera 5MP

X9 Mini
Back Camera 5MP
Front Camera 5MP

Back camera 8MP
Front Camera 5MP

Battery Capacities
X9 Mini 2000mAh
 X9 3000mAh
X9 Pro 3000mAh

All Three phones Accessories Include
 Battery: 1  Power Adapter: 1  USB Cable: 1  English Manual : 1

Additional X9 Pro Accessories  Included
Of course this may vary form seller to seller
Back Case : 1  Screen Protector: 1  Cleaning Cloth: 1

Doogee X9 Pro $101.99
Doogee X9 $79.99 Sold Out
Doogee X9 Mini $69.99 Currently On Pre Order

Other Than aforementioned specs are the same with all three Click Here to See Full Doogee Pro Specs

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Doogee X9 Mini Release Date

Date Of Thr Doogee X9 Mini Release

Dogee X9 Mini Release Date This is the cheaper version of Doogee's X9 and X9 Pro which features a larger battery and faster processor and has of course both have already been released.

Shipments will begin on 28th February 2017 for the Doogee  X9 Mini  6.0

Click Here too See Full Mini Specs

Android 6.0

low Budget
No 4G

Looking for a release date in India?
We know many of you from India are looking for a release date and
 we don't know exactly when stock will arrive  for Indian sellers but we can tell you the price is 4678.40 Indian Rupee.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Lenovo Moto Z Price Australia

 Lenovo Moto Z(XT1650-05) version Price In Australia

In Case You were wondering here are some Australian Networks that are usable with 3G and 4G for the Lenovo MOTO Z

3G Frequencies: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz
 3G 850/2100 Telstra; 3G 900/2100 Optus; 3G 850/900/2100 Vodafone

 4G Frequencies: FDD-LTE 1800/2100/2600MHz
4G LTE Telstra 1800/2100Mhz; testing 4G LTE Telstra 2600Mhz ; 4G LTE Optus 1800/2600Mhz, 4G LTE Optus 2100Mhz (Darwin, Cairns, Hobart, Sunshine Coast); 4G LTE Vodafone 1800Mhz; 4G Vividwireless in Perthn Perth

In AUD The Z Lenovo Moto Z is A AU$917.27
See The Specs Here

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Vernee Apollo VS Elephone P9000 Edge

Thi Vernee Apollo VS Elephone P9000 Edge Page showcases the advantages of each of these android 6.0 Phones.
Based on the summary below the Vernee Apollo looks the spec superior phone and it is as it should be as Vernee charge around $100 more for it then the Elephone P9000 Edge

Media Tek isr responsible for both CPU's but how are they different?
Media Tek Helio P10 VS Helio P25

The P10 us and Octa Core CPU which just means just an Octagon has 8 sides and an Octopus has eight limbs the Elephone P9000 Edge has 8 Cores/CPUS (Central Processing Units) to carry out task making the phone more efficient with energy and faster at certain tasks particularity involving multitasking.
Cores are not everything Processing speed is just as important the faster the CPU clock speed the faster it will function and so
how fast is the Elephone P9000 Edge's P10 and how fast is the Apollo's P25

The Helio P25 is a deca core CPU meaning it has 10 CPU given the above you get the point it has a clock speed of 2.5GHZ which is in fact faster the Elephone Edge's P10 CPU Clocked at 2.0GHZ.

Different CPU's Same Capacity
CPU RAM Space Internal memory and even SD card capacity are the same so if you want to know more about those simply check out the link at the bottom which includes Specs

Android 7.0 Verne Apollo Update

However one inevitable difference is that you won't see in the specs is true and that's the operating system. Android 6.0 is preinstalled on the Edge and Apollo however in the Apollo's case we have confirmation that the Vernee Apollo will receive an upgrade to android 7.0.

Every Little Helps
Although Minor batteries do differ in capacity
Vernee Apollo 3180Mah
Elephone p9000 Edge 3100mah

No longer Cutting Edge  By The time Of Release
Elephone are notorious for announcing phones that look great on paper with no release date, the problem is by the time said phones hit the market they are outdated and the hype is lost. The p10 was a great  CPU last year this year we have the P20 and X25 from Media tek.
Specs Release Flash Sale
With The Vernee Apollo we have a confirmed release date along with Flash sale offering massive discount available now.
Click here 2 See Vernee Apollo Flash Sale