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Monday, 31 July 2017

Doogee BL5000 Antutu

Antutu show us that some of the specs the Doogee BL5000 boasts are actually quite misleading and this could be a good thing.

Antutu Score
In a benchmark test the Doogee BL5000 has scored 39545 which places it just under sone of the very best from the big brands of 2014 giving you something to compare it to.

Doogee BL5000 Specs VS Antutu
Our Antut table show the actual results and tekkdroid breaks down why they are misleading and why this in some cases isa  good thing

Antutu Screen Resolution

Screen DPI(Dots Per Inch) displayed by the BL5000 is 480 which sound better than the 401PPI(Pixels per Inch) advertised in the specifications right?PPI and DPI are actually  different things even though manufactures often use the terms interchangably after all a 480 DPI screen sounds like more than a 401 PPI screen when you think both these things are the same.401 PPI is Full HD level as the Specs correctly state

Available memory

Memory that can be used for storage differs from the phones 64GB memory stated in the specifications because some of that memory is used on the android 7.0 Nougat operating system and the rest on Doogee's pre installed applications.

Camera Resolution
camera resolution is 13MP with the back or front camera according to the specs, actual Antutu benchmarks reveal a 16.3MP Back camera and 13.3 MP front camera so better than expected. This is not a measure of actual camera performance as firmware and other factors like camera sensitivity may effect the quality of picture and video the Doogee BL5000 takes.

Doogee X5 Antutu Score

Click  Right Here For the Doogee  X5 Antutu Score. With a MT6580 Quad Core CPU and 1 whole GB of Ram how  well did the X5 Score? As far as...

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