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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Bluboo Dual Review

Bluboo Dual Review

When you name a phone after its  Dual camera feature you set it up with high picture resolution expectations, and when you use the Dual for photos you are reminded of the price. What you can really picture is an OK camera in good lighting with slightly diminished quality in not so good lighting. FHD screen displays beautiful images if only the camera would take them as beautiful.

Battery drain is a problem but which android phone does not have this problem? Some have worked around this with quick charge features something I would have liked. The design is elegant and build is solid and in a way that relates to the battery problem. Sturdily built phones usually require built in non-removable batteries like the Dual disabling any ambition of easily switching batteries.
An option is carrying a power bank that stores energy so you can charge the Dual on the go.

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Dual Memory Extension
USB On the Go is an all time favourite feature that incorporates USB compatibility into the Dual like flash drives for one.SD Card Slots are pretty much a given with Chinese Android phones what stood out was the SD card capacity,  the Bluboo Dual can accept an SD Card of 256GB to increase internal memory.


Criminally underused gyroscope sensor reacts to the movement of the phone to control movement on compatible games. You can turn the Dual like a steering wheel to control movement.

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanners are so common they are included in almost every Chinese Android these days but they do not always work well. The  Dual finger print scanner is in fact quite good.
Factory Direct! Bluboo Dual Case 5.5" 6 Colors Dedicated Leather Exclusive Special Phone Cover Crazy Horse Cases+Tracking(China (Mainland))
No Case To Close
No Case Included with the Dual which is a little annoying, dual camera phones require dual camera cases.
Bluboo Dual Cases Here

Low Price ( Bluboo Dual 107.99
Build Quality
256GB SD Card Capacity

Battery Drain
 No Case Included

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