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Monday, 12 October 2015

Cubot H1 Review

Click Here Cubot H1 5.5 MTK6735 Phone Review including false information being reported  in some specs.

Cubot  H1 Regular Price  $165.57 Sale  Price $127.57 Offer Ends 11/11 Purchase Now

The strongest point of the H1 is obviously the battery so let's start with that, it's 5200mah and takes about 5 hours to charge  to maximum from empty.  Quick charging time is due to the 5V/2A charger and H1 battery capable of being charged at high speed.
 With regular use and I state regular not heavy the H1 will last 2 days which is twice as much as the normal.

Cameras And Antutu
Some sites state cameras as 8MP for the front and 13MP for the back and others say the actual resolution is 5MP for the front and 8MP for the back camera. A process called interpolation is the feature that adds pixel to a photo increasing camera pixel resolution(often Inaccurately) fortunately the back camera is actually 13MP and the Antutu benchmark score proves it.
Anutu Test are designed to test actual performance so are a far more accurate measure of phone quality  than specs.

Cubot H1 Antutu Information Click Here
H1 is quick which is to be expected of  a  phone with 2GB of ram space and the Rom(Read Only Memory) space, the internal memory responsible for storage is avery spacious 16GB. However you can't use all of that space some is designated to the Android 5.1 operating system and  preisnatalled apps some of which are Chinese but you are still left with a good chunk of memory over 11GB  and memory can be extended further with a micro SD card by 32GB maximum.
List of sensors is very extensive  which gives the phone  a lot more  capability check  antutu test for  more.As far as sensors  go they  don't  always work as  in  the  case of the Cubot GT90 but with again the H1 impresses and all the sensors work well.
Click Here For Cubot X10 Review
Any phone  with a screen over  5 inches or over can be called a phablet so the 5.5 inch H1 falls into this category of phones/tablets. Size of the screen effects phone sizes and how the phone feels in the hand this is defiantly quite handful but still in the comfortable range but consider hand size when selecting a phone for you or someone you know. You will spend more time with your phone than partner imagine receiving  a  wedding ring that did not fit.

H1 Screen

Resolution is 1280x 720 High definition and if your wondering just how much that is just check the settings on your current device you can change the resolution of you screen to give you an idea of what HD looks like providing your current device can display HD. But going back to screen size the smaller the screen the less easy it is to notice the change in pixel image quality however you will notice that less resolution displays less of  the page so you have to scroll left or right to see everything.  This is where the PPI(Pixel Per Inch comes into play how many  pixels can the screen display per inch the answer 320.

Lets see how the 320 PPI  H1 scores next to competitors.


306ppi (Galaxy S III)

326ppi (iPhone 5 Retina Display)

441ppi (Galaxy S4)

468ppi (HTC One)
Overall  a  truly great phone for  the price and to be  honest  I've been a fan  of cubots for  a while.

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