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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Cubot H1 Antutu Benchmark

Click Here for Cubot H1 Phone benchmark Test Score which reveals the truth about camera  resolution.The 64 Bit android 5.1 cubot is revealed to have true 13MP back and 8MP front Cameras. Screen  is high definition  and has a Pixel  density of  320 which is a measure of pixel quality more pixel density better the screen quality. Screen Density  examples lower to give you an idea of how the H1 measures up.

How Long Does The 5200mah last? Find Out Here With H1 Review

What the Score Reveals
Back camera is genuine 13MP and front 8MP which the test proves  this is not a result of interpolation.
Available memory is 11.41GB once you  take into account pre set apps and the operating system.

Pixel Density a measure of screen quality shows the H1 to have a more accurate screen then the Samsung Galaxy nexus.
Cubot X16 VS Cubot H1
In terms  of featuresX16 is a a head of the H1 check it out here

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