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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

UMI Touch Release

Discover UMI Touch release information all here features include fingerprint technology and  android 6.0 marshmallow Other notable China brands like elephone have are also releasing android 6.0 phones but this is one of the very first to use android 6.0.
UMI Touch Release date and other information

Umi Touch Release Date
The Umi touch is currently on presale and will be shipped starting from 25th march for site offering UMI Touch at stated Release Date Click Here

Other Great Releases
As stated above the similar android 6.0 Elephone P9000 Lite Release is due just a few days after the UMI Touch notable specs include 4GB of ram a 2.0GHZ clock speed plus more. To learn more about the Elepohone P9000 Lite Release And Specs Click Here

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