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Friday, 22 April 2016

Cubot H1 VS Cubot X17

Cubot H1 Vs Cubot X17  Find out why Quality VS Quantity by reading this page.

Design How Much difference can it make?
In terms of size the H1 us superior beating the X17's 5 inches by 0.5 inches at 5.5 inches. H1. However this affects everything, the reason the H1 needs to be bigger is a because a bigger phone can more easily fit in a bigger battery.

Comparison of the Cubot X17 and Cubot H1

Screen Resolution
Based on the Cubot H1 Specs we know that the screen resolution is 1280 x 720 which is a HD(High Definition ) and the Cubot X17 Specs reveal that the Screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 which is FHD (Full High Definition) so of course the X17 has a higher quality screen but is that a good thing and can we be more accurate? In terms of DPI(density Per Inch) the we have a score of 440DPI for the X17 and 320DPI for the H1 which has been confirmed using Antutu test.

Cubot H1

Cubot X17

Want To know How Good The Screens Are?
To Find out how good these screens are when measured against mainstream phones from apple to HTC see the Cubot H1 Review Here

Space again plays a part in Dual sim option the larger H1 Offers two Sim slots and a separate slot for an SD card with a maximum capacity of 32GB. The smaller x17 also offers two slots for sim cards one nano sim and one micro sim, with a catch. In order to use an SD card you have to use the same slot as the Micro SIM card meaning you can have either two sims or one sim and one SD card in use at the same time.

Back  cameras without interpolation are 13MP for the X17 and 8MP for the H1 resulting in the X17 being able to take higher resolution pictures.
Specs state with 3GB of ram and a clock speed of 1.3GHZ the Cubot X17 is faster than the H1 which has 2GB of Ram and is clocked at only 1.0GHZ.
 Higher clock speeds use more energy but with a 5000mah battery the H1 could have spared it had it been set up differently, in other words the h1 is designed to make the battery last.
Prices are very similar but what you paying for is  very different quality of the X17 or the quantity of the H1 and when performance was tested using Antutu we Got a score of 26217 for the Cubot X17 and 20237 for the H1.

Quantity VS Quality
To end which would you rather a really good performing phone that is more quantity based H1,super battery, larger screen,Dual sim slots or a more quality based X17 higher resolution screen,Higher camera resolution and greater performance.

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