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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Elephone S3 Accessories

Elephone S3 Accessories included are limited for more options select this link

Elephone S3 SD Card
Memory is an impressive 16GB for the S3 however  pre set apps and the android OS itself will use up some space. Increase memory by a further 128GB with an SD card.

For More Elephone S3 SD Card Information Click Here

Elephone S3 Bluetooth 4.0 Accessories
Thanks to bluetooth the S3 is compatible with a range of bluetooth devices like headsets, keyboards and even speakers so you further can enjoy music saved on the S3. An underrated  accessory is a bluetooth projector  which can be display Elephone S3 content but larger, ever thought about gaming on the big screen?

Want More Power?
A power bank is great accessory capable of storing electricity that can be used to charge other devices like the S3. With a built in battery of only 2100mah any long journey would benefit.

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