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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ulefone Future VS Elephone P9000 Edge

Comparison Between Ulefone Future And Elephone P9000 Edge

Ulefone Future Vs Elephone Edge  which phone is better?

Value  For Money

In terms of price the edge is more expensive  by $90 than the future so lets start by showing where that additional money has been spent as both phones are very similar using he same  MTK6755 Helio P10 CPU and Bezel Less Design.
Ulefone  Future Price
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Internal Memory
AS far as storage space they are both using android 6.0 so the OS will take up just as much space on either and manufacturer pre installed apps will use space depending on what is installed so lets just pretend the  apps use the same space
 on both. For the future minus OS and App Space 32GB internal memory is available and the edge has twice that much with 64GB.
See Future And Edge Usable SD Cards Here

A 21MP Back Camera for the Edge over the 16MP future, For the front camera's the Our future is at 5MP and the edge as expected slightly higher with 8MP.
Higher Pixel Resolution means higher picture quality so in theory the higher MP(Mega Pixel) phone should take better pictures but more variables exist like camera sensitivity. I will give the edge credit and here's why the back camera is made by Sony the company known to produce wonderful cameras with super camera sensitivity and the model being used is with the edge is called the Sony IMX230
Really not much in it but  the P9000 Edge has the edge in battery life by 1000mah with a 3100mah battery to the futures 3000mah. So say the future would last 30 hours with a certain amount of the the Edge would last 31.

One has NFC(near field Communication)
NFC is the the technology used by bank cards that allows them to touch symbols and be used to pay for things it's a great way to use your phone quickly to recieve information or pay for things. We have review highlighting the benefits with a phone from another China Brand called the UMI Rome which also does not have NFC.

  UMI Rome Octa Core 3GB RAMEnjoy In Depth Review Of the UMI Rome Highlightin the pros and cons
UMI Rome 
NFC Octa Core
See How NFC Can Be Used With UMI Rome Review Here

Elephone Charging Ahead
Not only does the Edge feature quick charge the same as the Future but it also has the added value of Wireless Charging.

Considering the price difference it is in the future favour the fact that more sensors are actually installed.

Elephone P9000 Edge Sensors:  Gravity/Proximity/Light

Ulefone Future Sensors: Ambient Light Sensor/Gravity Sensor/Gyroscope/Hall Sensor/Proximity Sensor

We do not yet have an official released date for the edge if you are looking want to be informed Bookmark  Page At This link
The future is selling well and  unlike elephone there's enough to meet demand now.

What Do The Reviews Say?

Read Reviews Like The One in The Image
As far as the edge goes we have no clue but with the future
You Can See 23 Reviews From 482 Sold Future Phones By Clicking Here

Other than aforementioned features, specs are identical but will go over the pros and cons of either one more time

Elephone P9000 Edge
Double The Memory
Higher camera resolution
NFC (Near Field Communication)
1000Mah more Battery In the tank
Wireless Charging

Ulefone Future 
More Sensors


Best Ulefone 2017

 Tekkdroid helps you find the very best ulefone Of 2017. We will be editing this page until 2018 begins so expect to see more on the list.

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