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Friday, 19 August 2016

Ulefone Metal Age Review Pros And Cons

Review Of Ulefone Metal Age Android 6.0 Phone

This is as the name suggests made of metal imagine a phone trying to usher in a metal age when made of plastic.

Screen Resolution And Size
5 inch screen which is a very good size fitting well in the hand of course this is a pro  that depends on hand size. Pixel resolution is HD which is good enough, the screen is 5 inches are you really going to tell the difference between HD and Full HD on a 5 inch screen?

Gorilla Glass 3
Screen is protected with Gorilla Glass which is impact and scratch resistant saving the trouble of screen replacement hopefully. A screen protector is also included with the metal accessories keeping the screen fingerprint clean.

Here is the list of Phone with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and Gorilla Glass 4.
As you can imagine, there are many brands so we've only listed some of the major brands with Android platform.
  • Apple iphone 6s/iPhone 6* (iOS)
  • Apple iphone 6s Pus/iPhone 6 Plus* (iOS)
  • Asus ZenFone
  • Sony Xperia C3 dual
  • Google Nexus 5
  • Google Nexus 6 (2014)
  • Google Nexus 5X (2015)
  • Google Nexus 6P (2015)
  • HTC One (M8)
  • HTC One (M9)
  • HTC One Mini
  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Thunderbolt
  • HTC Wildfire
  • Huawei Ascend G300
  • Huawei Ascend G301
  • LG G4
  • Moto G (3rd generation) 
  • Moto X 
  • Moto X (2nd generation)
  • Moto X Play
  • Moto E
  • Moto E (2nd generation)
  • OnePlus One
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy Note III
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  • Samsung Galaxy A3
  • Samsung Galaxy A5
  • Sony Xperia J
  • Sony Xperia SP
  • Sony Xperia Z3
  • Xiaomi Phone 3
  • Xiaomi Hongmi
  • Xiamo Mi4i
  • Xiaomi Redmi 2

OTG (USB On The Go)
Always a plus to be able to connect USB Devices with a phone great for everyone.            

Example Picture Not Age

Aren’t we missing something
Type C USB a feature that will be the future, replacing USB 2.0 due to faster data transfer, slender size and more convenient use.

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Type C USB
4GB  RAM Full HD Screen

Not the end of the world headphones are cheap and the fancier ones not so much the 3.5mm port accepts wired headphones and wireless headphones can be connected via bluetooth. However it's the principle having headphones makes the phone better fresh out the box.

Dual Sim
I am actually quite happy for the dual and SD card slots sometimes a phone will be dual sim  accept one micro sim slot will double as an SD card slot. Slot options are One Micro SD Card Slot one nano slot and finally one Micro SD card slot. Dual ism phones like the metal do use slightly more energy but it's worth it two sims in from different networks increase networks coverage making it easier to get online. You also have the advantage of giving out separate numbers
protecting privacy.
 3G and 4G also benefit other devices giving you the option of sharing WIFI from the metal with say a tablet or laptop.

Memory is 16GB and can further be enhanced using a TF/Micro SD card by a staggering 128GB which means space will not be an issue for most.

Bluetooth 4.0 is the most energy efficient bluetooth an very useful this gives you options of connecting bluetooth headphones, and devices.

Confirmed Updates
OTA Updates are available and in my view a complete necessity without them a glitch or error becomes a permanent problem where as with OTA updates the problem is temporary.

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6050mAh Battery FHD 5.5'' Screen

Dual Sim
3G 4G
Android 6.0

Headphones Not Included
Type C USB Unavailable
Built In Battery
Finger Print Scanner insensitive

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