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Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Comparison Between  DOOGEE HOMTOM HT16 And HT17 PRO

HOMTOM HT16 VS HOMTOM HT17 Pro Phones compared with insight into advantages and disadvantages of both

Similar Speeds
2GB of Ram space one GB more than the HT16 clock speed is 1.3GHZ for both meaning that on tasks that do not requires larger  amounts of ram space they are actually around the same speed.

ROM Space Internal memory
HT16 8GB
HT17 Pro 16GB

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 Which HOMTOM is the most popular?

127 Sold
Click Here For HOMTOM HT16
 38 Sold
 Click Here HOMTOM HT17  Pro

 702 Sold
Click Here HOMTOM HT17
5 Inches HT16
5.5 Inches HT17 Pro

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HT16 Sensors: : Gravity sensor, Proximity sensor
HT17 Pro: G-sensor, Proximity, Accelerometer, Gesture sensor, Fingerprint sensor

HT16 2G 3G
HT17 Pro 2G 3G 4G

Operating Systems
Initially android 5.1 is installed on the HT17 Pro which puts it behind the HT16 which has android 6.0 preinstalled, however this advantage is temporary as HOMTOM are supporting OTA(Over the Air) updates for the Pro including an upgrade to the android 6.0 version.
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 A system that is subject to OTA will fix bugs that may appear in use making problems temporary where as any problems that arise with a non OTA phone like the HT16 are permanent unless you manually fix them. OTA requires more commitment from the manufacturer it always makes me feel as though the product will last longer.

Connect USB Devices
OTG a feature that connects USB devices to the HT17 Pro which is a huge asset that is not featured on the HT16

Although not much of a difference release dates do vary with the HT17 Pro becoming available first on the 29th August and the HT16 on the 10th.

What Do They Have In Common?
1.3GHZ Clock Speed
SD Card capacity 64GB
2G 3G 
Dual Sim
Android 6.0 (After Pro Upgrade) 
3000 mah battery
Full HD Screen

Neither Has: Type C USB

HT17 Pro Advantages
OTA(Constant Over The Air Updates)
OTG (USB On The Go)
More Sensors
Earlier Release
Cheaper Price Especially on flash sale

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