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Friday, 16 December 2016

UMI Plus VS UMI Plus E

UMi Plus Vs Umi Plus E also know as UMi Plus Extreme information
Bluetooth 4.0 Vs 4.1
The more advanced UMI Plus Extreme uses an older version of blutooth version 4.0 and the UMI Plus the 4.1 version so how does this effect the phones? 4G and bluetooth 4.0 signals bump into each other weakening one another and forcing the phones to use more battery power. Blutoooth 4.1 eliminates this problem by coordinating its signal with 4G so the signals do not work against each other

Helio P10 Vs Helio P20
CPU performance does differ between these two high performing CPU's with the UMI PLUS Clock speed of 1.8GHZ with 4GB ram and the UMI Plus Extreme Clock Speed of 2.3GHZ and 6GB Ram Speed. Higher Clock speeds run programs faster and RAM is used to run programs, larger ram means more can be run at once because more space to run programs exists increasing multitasking.
ROM Internal memory used for storage is 64GB fort the UMI Plus Extreme and 32GB for the UMI Plus.

Of Course actual CPU performance also effects the speed the phones will operate under but given the fact that CPUS's are the same brand and performance has been measured we can tell you at least according to Media Tek the the CPU manufacturer the P20 the extreme uses is 20 percent faster than the P10 the plus uses.
Phones with a higher clock speed can actually be slower despite 6GB RAM and Clock speed of 2.15GHZ the One Plus One is slower than the UMI Plus.

Click Here To See Video Of UMI Plus VS One Plus 3 Speed Test(Middle Video)

UMI Plus Vs UMI Plus Extreme Summary

UMI Plus Extreme
Higher performance
Blutooth 4.0

UMI Plus
Blutooth 4.1

Phones are otherwise  nearly identical so for all other information simply View the specs of the UMi Plus Extreme Here

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