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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Bluboo Maya Max Accessories

Included Bluboo Maya Max Accessories and additional options that enhance that take the Max past its Max
Accessories that enhance the Bluoo Maya Max Experience

Included Accessories
Package Contents
    Cell Phone: 1
Power Adapter: 1
USB Cable: 1
Back Case : 1
User Manual: 1

Bluetooth Accessories
Bluetooth version 4.0 gives the MAYA Max the option of communicating with other Bluetooth devices. This gives users the options of wireless headsets and headphones, home speaker systems and more

3.5 MM Port Audio Accessories
The 3.5mm port allows audio devices to be connected most common would be standard wired headphones other accessories include speakers and more.

Sim Accessory
Dual sim phones like the Bluboo Maya Max are capable of using two sim cards at once making the second sim card an obvious but great accessory they do not have to be from the same network and can be 2G 3G or 4G.

USB Accessories
OTG short for USB On The Go is a key feature that give the max compatibility with USB devices flash drives and even specially designed android controllers for gaming.
SD Card Accessories
TF/Micro SD cards with a maximum memory of 64GB can be accepted to the Maya Max to store apps music films whatever you want.

More than Max Battery
Battery is 4200mah and built in but if you don't think that's enough you can invest in a power bank to charge the
Protect The Screen
A Screen protector is a good idea to avoid fingerprints on the screen and help protect it from scratches and impact

Most Obviously cases
A Good case can protect the whole phone some act as stands and some can even be used to help you find your phone.

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