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Friday, 12 May 2017

Gretel A7 Review Pros And Cons

 Gretel has released the cheapest android 6.0 phone the Gretel A7 and we have reviewed it here.
Aren’t there cheaper Android phones?
Actually yes there are but I doubt any of them use android 6.0. To use android 5.0 and higher phones have to use 64 Bit CPU, not the older 32Bit CPU of old. 64Bit CPU's are way more powerful and when more programs are designed to take advantage you will under stand why but enough about that for now.

How can one of the latest version of android be a con?
Well maybe not the Android itself but what it represents, a shame. Android 6.0 is one of the best Android versions for dual sim, signalling through color which one of the sim cards is being rung so the user can decide how to respond better.

Any Sim But 4G
 Dual Sim phones give users the option of choosing which of two sims to make a call from and alerting you to which number is being rung. 2G and 3G networks are available the shame is that 4G is not included removing the option of the fastest internet available.

Gretel A7 Total Recall 48GB
Memory is 16GB minus the android 6.0 marshmallow and other preinstalled apps, this can be increased yet another 32GB with an SD card. 1GB RAM is enough to run most thing it's not super fast but carries out basic task well.

The Cost Of a Low Price
Being a low  budget phone I can understand it will not receive the same level of support as more expensive models however more to feel safe when purchasing mobile I need OTA(Over The Air) Updates so that should firmware issues arrive I can have confidence the manufacturer will sort it out Over the air. Without OTA I feel as though Gretel are trying to sell us on the very impressive preinstalled OS which creates a potentially false sense of security. I would have been much happier with OTA even if the updates were not that frequent given the price of the Gretel A7.

Gretel A7 $49.14 Here

 To give you an idea of price and value the Gretel A7 offers let's compare it to a major Chinese and using the same CU the MTK6580 elephone. Elephone have released a phone that cost more and features less called the Elephone A1 it does have the advantage of having Elephones good name.

Elephone A1 $68.65 Here

Hard to Scratch The Surface
Screens are a double edged sword to some extent the higher the resolution the more energy they consume so given the HD standard the A7 adheres to and 2000mah battery in this instance the Pros and the cons balance each other out to an extent. HD resolution the A7 displays is still beautiful so don't let the previous comment damage your view of the screen see what I did there.

Considering this is a low budget phone I am pleasantly surprised by is the Gorilla Glass screen which is impact resistant and scratch proof, protecting the A7 from physical damage, not one's personal view.

Screen Protector is not mentioned but is actually in fact included with accessories. A silicone cover although not stated is also included, sounds great only problem is that the hole for the microphone is in the wrong place and sound is already weak.

Charging time is only about one hour and although the battery is 2000mah that's still very fast.

 Camera is OK in good lighting but in bad lighting the back lights flash proves inadequate.  

More To Choose From
Typically two colour option are available but with the Gretel A7 you can select from Black, Orange, Yellow and Silver

Dual Sim
2G 3g
32GB SD Card
Surprise Accessories
HD Screen
Gorilla Glass
 Value For Money
Colour Options
Charging Time
Very Low Priced Android

Small Battery
Only HD Resolution
lack of 4G
OTA Unavailable
Weak sound
Weak Back light

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