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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

ASUS Pegasus 3S Review Of Price

In this  ASUS Peagusus  3S review will review why the price is high relative to competition and provide alternative that in many ways give far more value for money. Feel free to click links at any time they will open in a separate tab so you will not lose your place.

At Lowest the Price for the ASUS Pegasus 3S Max $189.99 Available clicking link below but first let me explain all the reasons the 3S Max is over priced and
 ASUS Pegasus 3S $189.99

Biggest Expense For Most Phones
CPU's (Central Processing Units) are usually the most expensive component of the that's the main reason snapdragon phones are more expensive on average than MTK Media tek counterparts so what type of CPU does the Asus Pegasus 3S use surely a snapdragon oft he highest calibre right?
Actually The Pegasus uses a CPU from you guessed it media Tek, it's called the MTK6750 which is a good CPU but not the highest performing CPU or even the highest performing CPU Media Tek Produces

MTK6750 Alternative

Dogee Y6 Max MTK6750 Phone
Under $150 Full HD Screen 6.5 Inches
4300mah Battery3D Glasses
Price $149.99 Click Here For Specs

Power And Power Consumption
Average battery capacity for an android this size is around 2800-3500mah so with a 5000mah battery the ASUS Pegasus is a top tier and given the screen is only HD that battery will last a while as screens use a lot of energy.
Considering how much your paying, Full HD makes a lot more sense and there is a phone considerably cheaper that offers a 6050mah batter with Full HD at less than the ASUS Pegasus and features a more advanced version of the MTK6750 CPU called the MTK6750T. Learn More About that phone below

Ulefone Power 2 
Android 7.0 6050 mah Battery
Full HD Screen
Learn More Here

3 Reasons The ASUS Pegasus 3S Is worth The Money

I am actually seriously impressed by memory and I'm not talking about the Oh so average 32GB Internal memory or even the 3GB RAM I'm talking about the massive external capacity via SD card. Memory extends to 2TB (Terabytes) which is 2 thousand GB.

Quality Build
Most phones although sturdy are made from cheaper plastic whereas the 3S is made from metal.

 5 magnet speakers create greater sound Quality

Reasons For Price
2TB SD Card Capacity
Metal Build
5 Magnet Speakers

Not Worth The Money Because
Just HD Screen Instead of Full HD
Alternatives That Offer More Value For Money

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