Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Bluboo S8 Price In Pakistan

Bluboo S8 Price In Malaysia Android 7.0 operates on MTK6750T Octa-Core 3GB's of ram and 32GB of memory that can be extended with and SD card.

 The S8 is $149.99 at best which equates to roughly 15805.20 Pakistani Rupee

Bluboo S8 15805.20 Pakistani Rupee Here

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 Since the S1 is close in release date to the S8 is it better than the S1 or just more pricey at 189.99 or 20020.20 pakistann Rupee?
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Bluboo S1 VS HTC 10 
A brand new Bluboo S1  is $169.99 or 17912.70 Pakistani Rupee and a new HTC 10 $369.98 or 38986.64 Pakistani Rupee online at best so given the price gap does the S1 actually have any advantages over the HTC 10? In short yes
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  1. Where to buy directly bluboo s8 in Penang Malaysia