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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Umi Iron Pro Accessories

Find Out about the best Umi Iron Pro phone accessories available. Also for Umi sale and insight into the Pro Launch Click Here
Boost Memory
An SD card of up to 64GB which allow for the storage of apps, music, movies and the like. It's also an easy way to transfer data from one device to another.
Get  UMI Iron SD Cards Up to 128GB With Adapter Here

Umi Pro USB
On the subject of memory, OTG is a feature that allows USB devices to be plugged in included memory sticks it also has the option of console controllers and even android controllers, for people who like to play games these are great accessories.


The list endless  but flip cases are among some that take the place at the top because they can be used as a  stand for the UMI pro to watch content on. Of the cases the ultra thin hard plastic case is the most popular providing space for the camera as well as protection maintaining practical use.
See custom hard case here

Bluetooth Devices
Wireless headphones,keyboards are among some of the best accessory options.

Umi iron Pro Dual Sim
Being a dual sim phone the Umi iron pro gives you the option of using two sim cards from either 2G,3G and 4G networks meaning you can get the best out of providers. Also  you have the option of a sim for work and play.

These are some great options for the pro specifications reveal capability and you can Check Out The Full Specs Right Here

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