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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cubot X17 Accessories

Cubot X17 phone exclusive accessory  list which you can only get by coming here useful information guaranteed

Accessories Included  are as follows additional options below
1 × Phone
1 × USB cable
1 × Case
1 × Protective film
1 × User manual
1 × Power adapter (A right AC Adapter will be sent as your shipping country)

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One of the best features for a phone is  USB OTG(On The  Go) it allow usb devices to be  connected with the Cubot X17. This means you can use many more accessory options like flash drive to increase memory. An OTG cable can expand the length of use for the cubot x17 phone making it more convenient.

SD Card
An  SD card also known as TF card can be used to expand memory by a maximun capacity of 32GB on top of the 16GB of  Rom.
Learn how to get and SD card for the X17 with 30 years Warranty here

The  basic port gives you the option of plugging in wired headphones or speakers wired options save power so always a good choice. Headphones are also needed in order to use the radio feature as they act as antenna.

Bluetooth head phones and devices bluetooth 4.0 version is  the most energy efficient bluetooth and the X17 is a uses this version.

Screen  Protection
Protective film is included in accessories but for further protection you may want  to consider tempered  glass which prevents scratches  and makes the screen shock proof as the X17 was not blessed by cubot with gorilla glass.

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