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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Umi Iron Pro Pros And Cons

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Umi iron Vs umi Iron Pro
Not that much difference betweens the Umi Iron Iron Man and the Umi Iron Pro they actually cost the same and the earlier Umi iron has slightly larger battery capacity and screen resolution. However the pro has the type C USB
Because the Pro design and most of the parts used are the same as the Umi iron the pro has credibility in the form of 5 star reviews
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Accessory Options: Because of the features like OTG the pro has tons of options learn to increase the experience of any phone including the Pro for more about that check related content.

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Umi Iron Pro Accessories 

Multitasking and speed: Octa core means 8 cores  which all share in the responsibility of running tasks plus the ram is 3 whole GB Gigabytes this phone is fast.

Type C USB: As mentioned above type C USB and this is one of the first to phones to use this feature. Type C USB allows faster data transfer and far more compatibility than USB 2.0 it is also backwards compatible.

Pros Summary
Tons Of Accessory options
3GB Of Ram Fast
Octa Core Great for multitasking
Full HD Screen
3G 4G
Use two sims at once thanks to Dual Sim Feature
Type C USB

Cons Summary
Minus type C USB inferior to the earlier Umi Iron Man

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