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Friday, 15 January 2016

UMI Rome Pros And Cons

Click here for  UMI Rome Pros and Cons 

MTK6753 Octa Core : More cores benefit multitasking efficiency in both time and energy and with eight the Umi Rome benefits a lot.
Clock speed is 1.3GHZ which is not super quick but more speed means more heat and faster energy consumption.

Ram is an amazing 3GB combined with the Octa core the Rome will be fast despite clock speed and excel at running demanding applications.

OS(Operating System):  First it's not android 6.0 which is the latest android and in case you were wondering Chinese brands have released models operating Using the latest system.
OS is custom model called oxygen based on android 5.1 this can be good or bad depending on preference and the design of the manufacturer. In the review we actually discovered the os is very good and does not use up much space.

UMI Rome Pros And Cons Design
Con  Umi Rome Battery Life
Battery is built in meaning a spare is not an option to extend battery life.
Dual sim phones actually use more power than single sim phones.
Battery does not last long at all mentioned more in depth in review.
Pro Umi Rome Design
Design is super thin so building the battery in is more practical and insures a  more sturdy phone. Considering the size of the phone they've managed to fit in
space for two sims and an SD card plus SD cards max out at 32GB on average the UMI Rome SD Card capacity is 64GB.

All this and more is covered in the UMI Rome Review Which you can read here

Many delicate looking phones are just that delicate but the Rome could probably survive a  few rounds in the coliseum thanks it's gorilla glass that protects the screen from impact and scratches

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