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Wednesday, 27 July 2016


 HOMTOM HT17 Pro VS HOMTOM HT17 Phone Find Out Which Is Better And Why?

Find Out which is better between the Doogee HOMTOM HT17 Pro And HOMTOM HT17

 Media Tek is responsible for both Chips used the MTK6735 used by the pro and the MTK6580 by the original HT17. They are different in the fact that the MT6735 is newer and actually more energy efficiency and greater capability.

 Android 5.1 is preset to both however the HT17 Pro will receive and upgrade to android 6.0 OTA(Over The Air).
Ram space is  solid 1GB for the HT17 which is the minimum and 2GB for the pro resulting in more memory for running programs giving you faster speed and increased multitasking ability.

Internal memory is 16GB for the pro twice the amount the HT17 has bare in mind 4.1 GB will go on  android  6.0 and android 5.1 3.55GB.

More memory options exist thanks to SD Card capacity and this is where the CPU's abilities show the MTK6580 HT17 can take and SD card with a maximum capacity of 64GB where as the newer MT6735 HT17 Pro can take twice as much with a greater maximum capacity of 128GB

Options for SIM Networks also are higher in favour of the pro but there are HOMTOM MTK6580 phones that are 4G enabled the HT17 is not one of them which puts it at disadvantage to the HT17 Pro which also has 2G and 3G like the HT17 Plus 4G

Value For Money
Of Course prices do differ but in my opinion the Pro offers so much more that it's worth it  You   You CanCompare Homtom HT17 And HT17 Pro Prices By  Here

HT17 Pro Pros:
OTA Support
Faster 2GB RAM
More Memory
Greater Camera Resolution
Upgrade to android 6.0

HT17 Pros:

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