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Monday, 18 July 2016

Cubot Cheetah VS Cubot Rainbow

Comparison Betwen Cubot Cheteah And Cubot Rainbow

Cubot Rainbow  Vs Cubot Cheetah android 6.0 Phones
Cheetah 5.5  Inch Screen Higher   FHD, 1920*1080 pixels
DPI     400
Rainbow 5 Inch 1280*720 pixels screen, 294 PPI
 In terms of pixel resolution the cheetah is Full HD 1920 X 1080 and the Cubot Rainbow Screen Resolution is HD 1280 X 720 more accurately than that we can measure PPI(pixels Per Inch) in that case we have a score of 400 for the cheetah and 294 for the rainbow.
in terms of say watching a HD movie and watching a full HD movie you may not be able to tell the difference and the full HD movie will actually use more memory. More pixels per inch simply means more pixels in each image which makes a difference to how much you can see on a page for example
HD Version

Quarter HD Version

As you can see the Quarter HD resolution version of the same page has hardly any space for pixels meaning you have to spend more time scrolling to see less on a page.

Ram Space
Rainbow 1GB Ram Quad
 Cheetah 3GB Octa

Well you call a phone the cheetah expect speed because of higher ram (Random Access Memory) and more Cores the cheetah is faster and more efficient at running tasks. On task that require very little ram space you may not notice a difference but on higher ram demanding tasks the Cheetah with 3GB will be faster than the Rainbow. Also Clock speed is different even with less cores a phone with higher clock speed can be faster and in these phones cases the Cheetah which already has more cores also has a higher clock speed of 1.5HZ to the rainbows 1.3GHZ however different sellers may have phones clocked at different speeds.
MTK6780 VS MT6753A
Despite performance the Rainbow is actually using a  newer CPU from Media Tek called the MTK6780 which has one great boast, energy efficiency a battery  does not just last because of its capacity but also because of the efficiency in which the energy is used.

Internal Memory
32GB Cheetah
ROM(Read Only Memory) is  much higher for the cheetah with 32GB to the Rainbows 16GB bare in mind both will have spaced used by pre set OS and apps android 6.0 present on both phones will use 4.1GB at least.

SD Card Capacity
Rainbow 32GB
Cheetah 64GB

5.0 GHZ And 2.4 GHZ
In terms of WIFI frequency the Cheetah offers 5.0GHZ  as well as standard 2.4GHZ frequency WIFI. Having the 5.0HZ option means no interference from 2.4GHZ wifi resulting in a stronger signal at close range. 5.0GHZ signals do not travel as far and especially through walls.

So  far it may seem as though I am bashing the rainbow by comparison but you have to understand the rainbow's highlight is its design and colour options hence the name rainbow the  question you have to ask yourself is do looks beat performance.
Also the price difference is quite high a better comparison would be the cubot Dinosaur And rainbow as prices are more similar
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More Memory
5.0 GHZ And 2.4 GHZ
Higher Screen Resolution
Finger Print Scanner
Larger Battery

More Efficient Battery
Better design More Colour Options

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