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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

ZTE Nubia Z11 MAX Review Pros And Cons

I love the design which looks amazing in gold
Screen size is 6 inches which is a little above average for a phablet which works well with the Full HD Resolution. The bigger the screen the easier it is to see the full resolution level Screen More accurate than the stated FHD we can tell you for a fact the Z11 Max has 368 PPI(Pixels Per Inch) screen

Same Screen Resolution as Huawei Mate 8 below Also has PPI Of 368

To top it off the display is made out of gorilla glass 3 which is scratch and impact resistant.

Dual Sim
With The ZTE Nubia you get to use two sims at once which either can make or receive calls from 2G 3G and 4G networks

Dual Cameras
A feature that works well with 3G and 4G phones and skype compatible devices like the Z11 Max. Front camera makes it easy to video call and take selfies back camera makes it easy to take pictures of anything else.
Front Camera Resolution: 8MP
Back Camera Resolution: 16MP

 ZTE Nubia Z11 MAX 3GB Version VS 4GB Version
Two versions are available which each have pros and cons of their own
To start with price the 3GB version of the max is cheaper which does result in lower specs.
 4GB version has more ram space that results in greater speed when task that require more Ram are being carried out

Internal Memory
Space on the MAX is 64GB in terms of specs but given that Nubia UI 3.9.9 based on android 6.0 uses around 4GB you are left with around 60GB. What can you do with 60GB? You can store around 15000 Songs depending on song length of course.

SD Card
You can enhance memory with one SD cards by a maximum of 200GB
which is very inconvenient find out why here
Type C USB
In the future type C USB Will take over and because of this  in the cases of some phones  the 3.5 mm port is completely removed, fortunately the MAX has kept its 3.5mm port.

Greater Wifi 2.4GHz/5GHz
To further enhance internet connectivity beyond 3G and 4G the Max also has the standard 2.4GHZ and the less busy 5.0GHZ WIFI frequencies.
5.0 is less strong which means the signal is weaker and does not travel as far especially through walls but that's the benefit. Because 5.0HZ frequencies are less used and don't travel as fart the interfere with each other less resulting in faster data transfer. It's a good idea to select a dual rooter so you can have access to both frequencies.

What's In The Box And What's Missing?
ZTE Nubia Z11 MAX Accessories:
Manual Power Adapter
Sim Needle
USB Cable
No Case included or headphones

FHD Screen
Gorilla Glass
Dual Sim
Dual Camera
 type c
audio 3.5

SD card Check the link here for details
No Case
No Headphones

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