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Monday, 19 September 2016

Doogee T5 Accessories

Doogee T5 Accessories Included are listed below and we also have a few more Doogee T5 Accessory Options for you to possibly choose from.

In The Box You Get
Cell Phone: 1
Power Adapter: 1
USB Cable: 1
Screen Protector: 1
Cleaning Cloth: 1
OTG Cable: 1
User Manual: 1
Screwdriver: 1

Of the accessories included consider the screwdriver as your precious one accessory to rule them all. The screwdriver allows you to open the T5 to install other accessories.

Marketed as a business phone however I would consider the T5 to be more of a survival phone you can do business with as such accessory suggestions will focus on survival.

Two Sims
This phone is dual sim so using an additional sim card is a sensible accessory
 2G 3G and yes even 4G are accepted. A wider range of networks makes it more likely to get a signal. Tethering is also an option to share WIFI with other devices.

Saving Memories
SD cards can be used as long as they are of appropriate size memory wise the Doogee T5 will take an SD card not exceeding 32GB. Your going away for a while and space full of media for entertainment is a blessing. You may be  travelling which means site seeing and taking pictures or even recording video's of your adventures an SD card is a great option.

Doge T5 Headphones
Bluetooth 4.0 is the most energy efficient  version however bluetooth accessories will use more energy than wired counter parts, for instance blutooth headphones will use more power than 3.5mm headphones. Advantage of bluetooth accessories being less restriction on movement.

Audio port will support wired headphones and speakers none are included.

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