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Saturday, 24 September 2016


THL's T9 Pro Versus T9 Phone

THL T9 Pro Versus THL T9 Phone Comparison

CPU: MTK6737 is used by both however the same however the extent of their use is different clock speed is set by manufacturer or seller so this is not all around precise but the point remains that the T9 Pro has a clock speed of 1.36GHz and the T9 has a clock speed of 1.3GHZ. Higher Clock speed means the CPU runs faster.
For the Memory
Memory used to run programs (RAM) is 2GB for the T9 pro Versus 1GB for the T9 meaning the pro has the space to run more programs at once increasing its multitasking and speed against the Pro

Internal memory is also higher with the Pro over regular T9  16GB to 8GB

Memory can also be increased with SD cards again as you probably suspect the Pro can take a larger memory card of 128GB to 64GB.

True Resolution
Interpolation is a feature that allow more pixels to be added to a picture artificially which can lead to inaccurate photos. Because of interpolation some may state the T9 as having higher camera pixel resolution than the T9 Pro.

True  Rear Camera Resolution is 8MP in for the T9 pro and 5MP T9

T9 Greater Compatibility
USB On the Go is a feature that gives the T9 compatibility with USB devices which comes in handy and is something the T9 Pro does not have.

See Ones Specs See the others

Price difference is 10 dollars with the T9  being cheaper and both being under $85.00 as for Specs other than the aforementioned points they are equal Full Specs can be seen when you click here

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