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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Elephone S7 Mini Accessories

List of Elephone S7 Mini Accessories included and top 5 alternative options

All Elephone S7 Accessories Included plus additional options likes cases and charging dock.

If Your Looking for the standard accessories specs and pricing information for the S7 Mini Click Here

Looking For More?
Of course accessories are included which you can see at link above but more options that are not included are listed below with links that can all be followed for further information.

Elephone S7 SD card
Internal memory for the Elephone S7 MINI is 32GB minus the android 6.0 and other preinstalled apps. Using an SD card to Increase memory is great option. It can take up to 128GB .
For More About SD Cards for the S7 and S7 Mini Follow This Link

Elephone S7 Mini Case
 See Elephone S7 Mini Cases Here

Case that are designed to fit the elephone S7 Mini Phone

 Elephone S7 Mini charger

Charging Dock
USB charging wires  always have a break by date a simple way to eliminate the problem of wires is with a charging dock like the one in the photo.
Dock Listed for S7 is also S7 Mini Compatible Follow Link For More

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