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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Elephone S7 Release Date In India

Elephone S7 Release And Price In India

Get Elephone S7 Release Date In India  and more here. Including prices of all versions in Indian Rupee. All versions run Android 6.0 have a full HD screen memory sizes do vary with price alterations. May be worth mentioning that the Elephone S7 Mini is the same price as the lowest memory S7.

Click Here For Elephone S7 Specs

 Prices in Indian rupee And Dollar Equivalents

Shipments of the Elephone S7 23rd November

 Elephone S7 2GB 16GB version
 10018.66 Indian Rupee

Elephone S7 3GB 32GB Version
12022.53 Indian Rupee

 Elephone S7 4GB 64B Version
 14026.40 Indian Rupee

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