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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Lenovo Moto Z XT1650-05 Review Pros And Cons

Lenovo Moto Z XT1650-05 Review Pros Cons Before considering the Z you may want to hear about some of itnegatives and consider its alternatives.

A Better Screen than the Samsung galaxy S7 Edge
The Moto is thin I mean paper thin 5.2mm to be exact which is always an outstanding feat when combined with highs specs due to lack of space for components.
 Lets not forget scratch and impact resistant Gorilla 3 protecting the screen
Size of the screen is 5.5 inches but its the resolution we should pay attention to get an idea of the quality. Resolution is 2560x1440 and to be more accurate the MOTO Z translates this to 540ppi(Pixels Per Inch.

Samsungs galaxy Edge 7 534 PPI

Space For More
Often paper thin phones that are dual sim make space by utilizing one of the dual sim slots as a TF/SD Card slot which eliminates the point of a dual sim phones. I'd hate to call the Lenovo Moto Z XT1650 Dual Sim unless you want  to use an SD card and thankfully that's not the case.
SD card is not only an option when combined with both sims slots being used  but an exceptional option at that with 2TB being the maximum accepted SD card that's around thirty times the lenovo Moto Z XT1650-05's 64GB Internal memory.

Bluetooth And 4G
4G and blutooth 4.0 interfere  with each others signals draining energy of devices sooner however blutooth 4.1 the version the Z XT1650-05 uses is designed to work with 4G so nothing but benefits.

How Much Space is 2TB (Terabytes)?
1TB is Equal to 1000 GB (Gigabytes)
1TB  can Store around 250 Full HD two hour movies so lots of space.

High Performing Snapdragon CPU

Some Phones using the same Snapdragon CPU AS the Z
Oneplus  3
BlackBerry DTEK60
 ZTE Axon 7
Lenovo Moto Z Force

The On Plus 3 currently on Flash sale has more features than the MOTO Z at a much cheaper price at least for the time being and of course uses the Snapdragon 820. 6gb ram more than the Moto Z's 4GB (USB On The go) and more cheaper  than the Moto Z which is $680.98.

One Plus 3
Currently $438.99 Click here To See More

ZTE Moto Z Modules
Modules are by far the feature that stand out the most for the Z they can be placed on the back of the  XT1650-05 to do cool things like increasing battery capacity
Check Out The Second Video At This Link To See Modules In Action

Maybe Android 7.0?
According to a aforementioned video an android 7.0 update will be sent Over The Air

Lenovo Moto Z XT1650-05 Cons And Alternatives

No VR (Virtual Reality)

Virtual Reality screens are the biggest change to she phone and even technology market of 2017 and Lenvo. have avoiding using a 3D screen with the Lenovo Moto Z XT1650-05.

Value for money comes into question when measured against cheaper Snapdragon 820 phones with more to offer the only saving grace are the modules.

Vernee Apollo Deca Core
VR Screen 538PPI
21MP Camera Cheaper Than Moto
See Full Specs Here


Elephone P20
6GB Ram 3D Screen
Yet To Be Released but has made it onto our list of best elephone's of 2017
 Why We Think The P20 Is The Best  Elephone Of 2017

Lenovo Moto Z XT1650-05 Pros
Android 7.0 Update?
FHD Gorilla Glass 3
Dual Sim
2TB SD  Card capacity

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