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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Best Elephone 2017

Best Elephone 2017 starting from January to the end of this year

Number One
We do not have an Official Release but as it was announced late 2016 we expect it to hit the market in early 2017. It's called the Elephone P20.
Why we think it will e the best elephone of 2017 so far.
Reason 1 The clues in the name

The P20 the elephone was named after is a high performance CPU called the Helio P20 which is responsible for extraordinary performance. The Only other P20 CPU wielding Chinese Android phone is called the UMI Plus Extreme and it
will be one of the best Chinese phones of 2017 it was released late 2016
 Read Elephone P20 Pros And Cons Review here

2 The Screen
2017 is looking to be the year that Chinese Android phones started using 3D screens as common practice and the Elephone P20 is a pioneer.

3 Take Your Pick Specs include
Helio P20 Octa Core RAM 6GB
32GB Internal Memory Supports 256GB SD  Card
FHD 3D Screen
Android 6.0 Marshmallow Version
Quick Charge
And Alot More

Second And Third  Best Elephone of 2017 So Far
Elephone S7 And S7 Mini
Released very Late 2016 we ranked Elephone S7 as the best of 2016 in it's features speak for itself   I was hard pressed to find anything of its quality. The S7 Mini is a downsized version but still worth a mention and we have compared them.
Elephone S7 VS S7 Mini Click Here

 Elephone P8 MINI and P8

The Elephone P8 does not yet have a confirmed release date and if it's anything like the Elephone P20 we may have to include it in our best elephone of 2018 list or best elephone never released.  In the meantime we have the Elephone P8 Mini which is available mid June 2019, joking 2018 oh fine 2017.

Best OS
The P8 Mini features a custom version of android 7.0 called the ELE 1.0 that elephone have promised to keep updating.

Best Camera's so far
OF course until the P8 sees daylight at some point maybe the P8 MINI has the very best front camera of any 2017 Elephone boasting an incredible 16MP making it the ideal for self photos. Two back cameras help the P8 Mini take more focused pics

S7 MIni Best For
Value For money

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