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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Vernee Apollo VS Elephone P9000 Edge

Thi Vernee Apollo VS Elephone P9000 Edge Page showcases the advantages of each of these android 6.0 Phones.
Based on the summary below the Vernee Apollo looks the spec superior phone and it is as it should be as Vernee charge around $100 more for it then the Elephone P9000 Edge

Media Tek isr responsible for both CPU's but how are they different?
Media Tek Helio P10 VS Helio P25

The P10 us and Octa Core CPU which just means just an Octagon has 8 sides and an Octopus has eight limbs the Elephone P9000 Edge has 8 Cores/CPUS (Central Processing Units) to carry out task making the phone more efficient with energy and faster at certain tasks particularity involving multitasking.
Cores are not everything Processing speed is just as important the faster the CPU clock speed the faster it will function and so
how fast is the Elephone P9000 Edge's P10 and how fast is the Apollo's P25

The Helio P25 is a deca core CPU meaning it has 10 CPU given the above you get the point it has a clock speed of 2.5GHZ which is in fact faster the Elephone Edge's P10 CPU Clocked at 2.0GHZ.

Different CPU's Same Capacity
CPU RAM Space Internal memory and even SD card capacity are the same so if you want to know more about those simply check out the link at the bottom which includes Specs

Android 7.0 Verne Apollo Update

However one inevitable difference is that you won't see in the specs is true and that's the operating system. Android 6.0 is preinstalled on the Edge and Apollo however in the Apollo's case we have confirmation that the Vernee Apollo will receive an upgrade to android 7.0.

Every Little Helps
Although Minor batteries do differ in capacity
Vernee Apollo 3180Mah
Elephone p9000 Edge 3100mah

No longer Cutting Edge  By The time Of Release
Elephone are notorious for announcing phones that look great on paper with no release date, the problem is by the time said phones hit the market they are outdated and the hype is lost. The p10 was a great  CPU last year this year we have the P20 and X25 from Media tek.
Specs Release Flash Sale
With The Vernee Apollo we have a confirmed release date along with Flash sale offering massive discount available now.
Click here 2 See Vernee Apollo Flash Sale

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