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Friday, 24 March 2017

Best Ulefone 2017


Tekkdroid helps you find the very best ulefone Of 2017. We will be editing this page until 2018 begins so expect to see more on the list.

Each  phone listed is the best for something and we tell you why here.

Hitting the market late February 2017
Best ulefone 2017 Camera Phone
This is of course the Ulefone that was released in 2017 the ulefone Gemini and it is currently number one on Tekkdroids best ulefone list of 2017.
Fastest OS
This is the very first android 7.0 ulefone phone courtesy of a ulefone Update
ulefones very firs android 7.0 phone.
Also features a dual camera which is of course how it got its name the Gemini.

Comparison Between Ulefone Future And Elephone P9000 Edge
Best  Ulfone of 2017 So Good it made 2017 list
Around mid 2016 Ulefone released a phone called the Ulefone future which is a power house worthy of bein number two on our best Ulefone List 2017
In Some way it's better than the Gemini but because some features did not work as well as the specs stated we put the gemini ahead of the future
GPS not working is the biggest example.

Tekkdroid does of course go into detail of how the phones best each other in a versus page
View Ulefone Gemini VS Ulefone Future 

Ulefone Gives Power 2 The People With The Best 2017 Ulefone Battery
Ulefone have yet to confirm the exact release date but they have already given us specs concerning the release of the ulefone Power 2. As the name suggest it is the successor to the ulefone power and has a lot of power as in a big battery6050mAh S to be exact. This is the second android 7.0 Ulefone and unlike the Gemini it won't need an update as this feature is preinstalled.

Features More than

 No Obligation to do anything but we definitely suggest checking out the Specs And Flash sale here
Specs Include Virtual Reality Gyroscope Technology
Quick Charge
Full High Definition Gorilla Glass Screen
Android 7.0
See Full Specs Here

 Ulefone U008 Pro

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