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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Cubot Rainbow 2 Pros And Cons

The Cubot Rainbow 2 ain’t all sunshine and rainbow it got some cons as well as the pros we uncover them here.

Colour Option
Typically  phone manufacturers produce two colours for each model with the rainbow 2 you get White Gold Black blue red

Cheap And Cheerful
This is a low priced android under  100 dollars so the first pro has to be the price
See Cubot Rainbow 2 Price Here

 Dual  Sim And SD card Capacity
Dual Sim is always a welcome feature even though dual sim phones consume more energy. Being able to give a different number for work and play is always good.
On to the more negatives 4G is not included so of those SD card slots you only get 2G and 3G.
Maximum SD card capacity also known as TF card is 256GB which can be used to store 256GB of whatever you want.GB (Gigabytes)
Internal memory without an SD card is 16GB.

Android 7.0 is has more features than 6.0 like group notifications for apps and quick swipe for faster use.

Triple Cameras
Front camera works well with downloadable apps like Skype for video calls as well as self taken pictures how many more cameras to mirrors will we endure on instagram.

Dual back cameras work as one to take more 3D looking photos as one another dual camera phone is the Ulefone gemini and here is an example a dual camera photo.

 Click Ulefone Gemini Picture Example For More

Bluetooth 4.0
In regards to the earlier criticism about 4G not being included
bluetooth 4.0 can used to connect wirless devices like headphones and even projectors to watch movies on a bigger screen to the Cubot Rainbow 2.
4G and bluetooth do not work well together so using them both at once would have drained the built in battery even faster.

Pro List
See Cubot Rainbow 2 Price Here
Dual Sim And SD Card Capacity
Triple Camera
OTG (USB On The Go)

Con List
No 4G
Built In Battery

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