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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Ulefone Gemini Accessories

 Connectivity us high making the Ulefone Gemini Android phone usable with more than just the accessories included learn more here

Ulefone Gemini Accessories included in the box

Cell Phone: 1  Power Adapter: 1  USB Cable: 1  Back Case : 1  English Manual : 1  Tempered Glass Screen Protector : 1  Phone Holder: 1  Other: 1 x Headset Adapter Cable

Pump up The Volume

 Click Here 4 Ulefone Gemini Bluetooth Speakers
Connect with wireless bluetooth accessories
Bluetooth 4.0 gives the ulefone Gemini compatibility with bluetooth accessories like headsets and as shown bluetooth speakers.

256GB Of Additional Memory

Click Here 4 SD Cards Up To 256GB

SD cards can e used with the Gemini to enhance memory with uup to 256GB being accepted. SD cards are diverse and can be used with a range of other gadgets.

Walk And Talk

Headphones are of course an option through 3.5mm port unlike some phones that have opted to remove the port entirely, HTC Ultra U Cough cough
Headphones are good headphones with a mic can be better  so you can walk and talk at the same time.
Click Here 4 Headphones

Why The Ulefone Future Has More Accessories

USB Accessories can be used with OTG phones 
OTG Accessories are not an option and one way the Ulefone Future is better
See Other ways the Ulefone Future Is Better Here

Ulefone Gemini Questions And Answers Here?
Want To know more about the Gemini or maybe you have questions
Ask Ulefone Gemini Questions Here

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