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Friday, 2 June 2017

Elephone P8 Mini VS Ulefone Gemini

 Elephone P8 Mini VS Ulefone Gemini with these dual camera androids being relatively close in release and price which one reigns supreme? Find out here

Gemini is the zodiac sign that represents twins and the symbol of duality appropriate for the dual rear camera phone the Ulefone Gemini. Elephone two (see what I did there) have a dual camera phone with a far less directly camera orientated name called the Elephone P8 MINI. Named the mini because it is the smaller version of the Elephone P8. The Gemini is also a mini version of the Ulefone Gemini Pro it just wouldn't do to name the Ulefone Gemini the Ulefone Gemini Semi Pro.The Gemini sounds cool but the P8 sounds like a formula 1 car so as far as names go it gets my vote.

Gemini $129.99
Elephon P8 Mini $149.99

MTK6737T P8 Mini VS MTK6750T Gemini

Quad Core Elephone P8 Mini
Octa Core Ulefone Gemini

RAM (Random Access Memory)
3GB Ulefone  Gemini
4GB Elephone P8 Mini

32GB Internal Memory Ulefone Gemini
64GB internal Memory Elephone P8 Mini

256GB SD Ulefone Gemini
128GB SD Elephone P8 Mini

Operating Systems

For the first time ever Elephone has rolled out a custom android 7.0 based OS the ELE 1.0. Elephone have assured us they will try their best to keep updating the 1.0.

Android 6.0 is the original OS  featured on the Gemini but Ulefone will be sending updates to Android 7. 0 over the air

5.5 Ulefone Gemini
5.0 Elephone P8 Mini

13 + 5MP Ulefone Gemini
13 + 2MP Elephone P8 Mini

5MP Front Camera Ulefone Gemini
13MP Front Camera Elephone P8 Mini

Some state camera resolution for the P8 Mini as 16MP when in fact it is 13MP altered to 16MP by artificially adding pixels through something called interpolation. Video calling and selfies are superior with the Elephone P8 Mini and back camera photos are superior with the Gemini.


5.5 Inches Full HD Ulefone Gemini

5.0 Inches Full HD Elephone P8 Mini

Not only is the Gemini's screen slightly bigger but also more durable than the P8 Mini resistant to scratches and impact dues to its Gorilla Glass 3 screen.


3250Mah Ulefone Gemini
2860Mah Elephone P8 Mini

185 Grams Ulefone Gemini
133 Grams Elephone P8 Mini

Larger batteries weigh more, the upside of a smaller battery and screen is the  P8 is lighter. The battery is drained mostly by screens so bear in mind the P8 Mini's smaller screen will actually preserve the battery.

 Elephone P8 Mini
1GB More of Ram (4GB)
Twice As Many Cores (Octa core)
Two Times More Internal Memory
Custom Operating System (E 1.0)
13MP  Front Camera
 Lighter 133 Grams

Ulefone Gemini
Twice as much SD Card Capacity 256GB
Bigger Screen 5.5 Inches
Gorilla Glass 3
 Higher Second Back Camera Resolution

Larger  3250Mah Battery

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