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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Ulefone Tiger VS Ulefone Tiger Lite

Ulefone Tiger VS Ulefone Tiger Lite find out why the Ulefone tiger uis the older yet superior android here

Screens are 5.5 inches and HD with one difference the Ulefone Tiger screens is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 making it practically tiger proof resistant to scratches and impact able to withstand hundreds of pounds worth of force.

Ulefone Tiger
8MP Back Camera
5MP Front Camera

Ulefone Tiger lite
2MP Front Camera
8MP Back Camera

Ulefone Tiger
2GB Ram
128GB SD

Ulefone Tiger Lite
MTk6850 Lite
128GB Sd

MTK stands for Media Tek the company responsible for both CPUS's, specs for the Ulefone Tiger Lites CPU are lower however the MTK6850 is a newer CPU.



Features The Ulefone Tiger Lite Is light On
OTG (USB On the Go) makes the tiger compatible with USB devices.

The Ulefone Tiger was a very popular phone and did very well with its original price however with the release of the Ulefone tiger Lite the price of the Ulefone Tiger has been dropped dramatically by some sellers to make way for the Lite and get rid of old stock. Prices for the time being between the ulefone Tiger and Tiger Lite are nearly identical.
Usually when a phone is named lite or mini it is a smaller version of a the original with slightly lower specs, a smaller screen and of course a smaller price with  the ulefone Tiger Lite two out of three with the third leaving your pockets no lighter or heavier as they are near the same price with only a a couple of dollars between them for now.

Click Here For Prices

Ulefone Tiger
Ulefone Tiger Lite

Ulefone Tiger
USB On The Go
Bigger Battery
Higher Camera Resolutions
More RAM
Gorilla Glass 3

Ulefone Tiger Lite
A Few dollars cheaper For Now

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