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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Ulefone U008 Pro 5 Inch Review

Ulefone U008 Pro 5 Inch Review

Screen resolution is stated as HD and lives up to the specs. Display displays clearly even in high light setting. One of my must is Gorilla glass and the U008 Pro has a Gorilla Glass 3 Screen protecting it. For added protection a screen protector can be purchased because one is not included.

Speakers Should Speak Up

Speakers are weak and because they are at the back of the phone sound can easily be muffled when the speakers are against a surface.
 You can work around this by simply using headphones through the 3.5mm port or taking advantage of the bluetooth 4.0 and using a bluetooth headset none were included.

 How Long Can The Ulefone U008 Pro's battery GO
 Build quality is very firm, stylish and metal which is quite the feat for such a low budget phone.
Battery can last eight hours of viewing HD content and 12hrs of straight heavy use for a range of tasks.Nine times out of ten batteries are built in excluding the option of using a spare battery or replacing a damaged one, the Ulefone U008 Pro has  a removable battery.Just because the battery can be removed does not make it easy back cover is quite difficult to open and  the U008 is quite heavy at 170 grams the more feature packed Samsung Galaxy S8 weighs 15grams less at.

Accessories I Wish Were Included
With the U008 you get the bare minimum where accessories are concerned a USB a charger and a manual which isn't really necessary.  My three accessory wishes would have been ones Screen Protector one pair of
Headphones and one Case

 Dual Sim And 4G
4G is a major highlight of the U008 Pro and always works well with dual sim phones as you can use one sim specifically to take of advantages of a great 4G provider and another sim to enjoy whatever other benefits another service provider may offer.

Easy Operating
Very easy to use any one can figure out the U008 Pro pretty easily. OTA (over The Air) updates are also reliable and in my view if a manufacturer does not support OTA then they do not have my trust in most cases.
Multiple apps can run at once without interfering with  each other and causing lag

it's fine to unlock the U008 the old fashioned way but better it it had a fingerprint scanner.
 Good But Not The Best
Everything is as described with no problems overall very good value for money
Leagoo m8 better value.
The Leagoo M8 Pro is cheaper and provides even better value for money.

5.7 Inch Screen
Fingerprint Unlock
 Click Here For Full Specs And Price

Ulefone U008 Pro Pros And Cons

Quality Build

Any One
Ease of use

Hard to open back cover
Weak Speakers
No Fingerprint Scanner
Hardly Any Accessories

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