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Friday, 4 September 2015

Oukitel U10 Review

Click Here for Full Oukitel U10 4G Android 5.1 Lollipop phone review

First things I want a point  out with the  U10  is everything works which  is not always the  case with phones a lot of phones  stress great specs and not everything works or some things are slightly  misleading but with the U10 what you  see is what you get.
Oukitel U10 Full Specs  Here

Oukitel  Running  Things
Thanks to the  MTK6753  64bit processor the  CPU(central  processing Unit) of the phone the Oukitel  U10 is very  quick the  clock  speed is 1.3GHZ but the Ram which is memory responsible for the running of applications more than makes up for it. On top of that  this  is an octa core phone  which just  means 8 cores share  in the responsibility  of running programs  increasing efficiency.
OS Set Up
Android 5.1  lollipop is set up  from the get go which  is a  nice touch one of the most popular pages  on this site is simply   people questioning whether  or not the  umi emax  has android 5.0 because you  can  not  update this  yourself the manufacturer  must support it. Plus it's not just android 5.0 it's 5.1, as the first 64 Bit Android OS 5.0 had some kinks as you would expect in fact is was slightly slower than the earlier android 4.4.  but 5.1 is showing the progression.

Screen and Design
Fingerprint recognition which is wonderful for privacy when it works no  one wants finer print tech so  secure  it won't let them the user  in due to malfunction. Screen is superb looks great and super  thin  the  glass is 2.5 which  ensures  it feels smooth at the edges.  As  a nit picker  the  only thing I had to point out  was  battery  life which is  not great  and  the problem deepens when   you  take into account  the fact that the built in battery means no replacement possible.
Battery   And Sensors
Other  than battery the  only  other thing  I did  not like was  the sensor options or  should  say  option but if it  only has one how can it  be an option  it's all you  get.  Straight  up gravity sensor meaning  the  screen  adjust  vertically  or horizontally depending  on how it's turned.  Sensors like one my favourites gyro which enhances the experience by allowing  the  phone to  follow angles  more like a Wii  controller.By the way Ouktiel  do recognize the the problem in regards to battery and are working on the largest  battery phone ever with 10,000 mah called the Oukitel K10000
Learn More About The Oukitle K10000 Here
Cons  (Basically nit Picks)
Built In Battery
Only One Sensor

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