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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Oukitel U8 Universe Tap Review

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Fun mention I'm starting  to  believe the  U in the oukitel U series stands for  universe. Making  it the Oukitel Universe  8 universal tap which  of course allows the user  to tap into the universe, ok maybe we  are not  quite  there  yet  but if Oukitel  keep making  phones  like this  maybe one day  they  will  survive long enough for the  technology to  allow it.
The design  is  actually quite heavy but really well built with this  phone the  would be gym goer can use  the phone  as a dumbbells.  with all that weight you think Oukitel  could have included an  effective fan  to keep  it cool but guess  not, the U8 gets quite warm. usually getting hot is a sign of  high clock speed the faster the processor move the more heat is generated  but the U8  is clocked at 1.0GHZ.Sound could also be better.

Ouktels customer service is outstanding you receive OTA (Over the Air) updates as soon as the phone is used this is superb for a china brand making  it so much easier to maintain a phone.
Screen And Camera
Screen and cameras are excellent with specs it's easy to round numbers for example  an 11.8MP camera  could be stated  as 12MP.  Screen is wonderful and pixel density testifies  to that.

Accessories  options are  plenty no many included. A case would have been great and also an SD card the u8 max is 32GB.
 Overall a  great phone with some faults

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