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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Cubot X9 UK Review

Click  Right Here for Cubot X9 Uk  Phone Review
To start  with  adapter  supplied is  based  on the  country the X9 is sent to UK  receives  UK  adapter  Americans an american adapter.

For many phone buyers space is a major concern the space  mentioned  in specs does  not designate space used buy pre  set apps that can only be removed  by rooting, however the X9 is  Chinese app free. Memory can be extended by up to 64GB using an SD card. Click here For page explaining how much space 64GB is

In terms running programs the X9 is super smooth on individual tasks or multitasking which is one of the benefits of multi core phones. multiple cores work together to run programs making them more effective at multitasking the X9  is an octa core meaning it has 8 cores.

Screen is great and adjust to resistant to glare because light sensor telling the phone how bright to shine based on exposure to light, basically it lightens when it gets darker and dims  when light which also conserves power. The DPI (Density Per Inch) is 320

Build quality is strong and stylish however the battery is built in and does not last a full day of use about half with regular use.

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