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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Oukitel U7 Phone

Click Here To get all the available information on  the  Ouktiel U7 Smart phone.
Release And Pricing
The earliest release is this October  and  flash sales have already begun.
 Get Exact U7 Release By  Clicking Here
Flash  sales allow the earliest to purchase a discount on  the  regular  price  however these things get sold  out quickly so it  means being one of the first to purchase  before established feedback but with a brand like oukitel  which has a good track record it's probably worth the risk.In the Oukitel U7 flash sale you will get $20 off until stock runs out putting it at just under 50 Dollars  Which is very  Cheap  Click Here for details on flash  Sale

Ouktiel U7 Voice recognition and Cameras
Back  camera maybe stated by some sites as 8MP which  is a misleading the camera is 5MP and uses interpolation to increase the pixels in  a photo.  Front camera is 0.3MP  but subjected to  interpolation can reach 2MP.  Interpolation is not accurate. Voice recognition is available for the camera via OTA (Over The Air) which means the update will be available  for from any where in the world. The  voice update allow the Oukitel U7 phones cameras  to  be activated by voice however  this also applies to other features.

U7 Smart Wake And Sensor
Draw a  specific  letter when the phones screen  is  black to specifically decide which feature to wake conserving power. Every phone has it and it's always a must the gravity/g sensor which just tells the screen to turn  when it's turned so the U7 can be used vertically or horizontally. Proximity sensor lets  the U7 know how close it is to things  so when you put it next to your ear to talk the screen turns off  to save power. Lastly the  light  sensor alerting the U7 to how bright it is  so it adjusts the screen  brightness to compensate and save power.

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