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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Cubot X17 Case Which Is Best?

Top 3 Cubot X17 phone cases including other accessories find out which is the best here.

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Number 1: Wallet Case
Being a dual sim phone the x17  offers the option of using two  sims which is usually the case however most also offer an SD card on top however the cubot have not quite done that with the X17  and considering how thin it is it's easy to understand why. What you  get is one space for an SD card  at  the expense of a sim slot that's where this case comes in. For someone who would like to  be able to store an SD or Sim in the wallet compartment keeping everything together nicely. As for color options and design this case is superb pics prove it.


  Number 2: Pu Leather Case with Silicon
This case offers the most protection because of silicone inside it as well as practical use as the time can be seen even when case is closed. Standing up the X17 for media purposes is also an option.

 Number 3: Cubot X17 bands
These bands are a fashion accessory but also can be  put around a phone making it shock resistant I also like the convenience as they glow in the dark so you can find your  phone in the dark. This also   counts as accessory option and can be  worn on  wrist  and is  a further  ambassador  for  versatility because it can fit any phone of the same  size.

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