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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Umi Rome Accessories

UMI Rome  Accessories That Push the Rome Past it's Limits All learn about them Here
When you think about an UMI Rome Online Purchase factor in how it will correspond with other electronic devices you own or will own. Included Umi Rome Accessories are  Battery, USB Cable, Adapter and manual. To full benefit from the Rome add some appropriate accessories.

Discover UMI Rome best accessories that are not included with purchase
UMI Rome Accessories Included in the box are only a small fraction of the choice plenty more below
1 x Built-in 2500mAh Battery
1 x USB Cable
1 x Charger
1 x User Manual
UMI Rome SD Card
SD Card also called TF cards can be used with the Umi Rome to increase memory. An UMI Rome SD card is an easy way and USB fast way transfer information from the Rome to another device. Not only can you use an SD card but you have the options of adding one with 64GB of memory which is a huge amount of space double the average 32GB making for a great accessory.
 See Great SD Cards For The Umi Rome Here

UMI Rome Case
Screen is 5.5 inches so a universal UMI Rome Case that is for the specified screen size will work. When selecting an UMI Rome Case factor in how you will use it not just how it looks. For example a flip case for the UMI Rome can hold the screen up at a more convenient angle so you can watch things.
Select From Over 20 UMI Rome Cases Here

UMI Rome Tempered Glass
Phones gifted with gorilla glass benefit from being hard for even the clumsiest person to smash but for phones not quite blessed with this option like the rome an alternative is available. A Great UMI Rome accessory is tempered glass which protects the screen from scratches and impact.
Protection Options For The Umi Rome Here

UMI Rome Dual Sim 3G 4G
Being a dual sim phone the UMI Rome has the option of using two sims at once making an additional sim card a great accessory. This is especially useful  when the you take into account the UMi Rome's 2G 3G and 4G capabilities meaning you can get the most out of different networks.

UMI Rome Is an Accessory in of itself because a feature called tethering that allows the internet connection to be shared between devices making true use of the 3G  and 4G.

Extend Umi Rome Battery Life
Battery is 2500mah however it is built in meaning that no spare battery can be used in case of emergency. A great option is to have a power bank, a great gadget that can store and supply energy to electronic devices like the UMI Rome. As mentioned in the review battery drain is a real problem for the UMI Rome so a power bank is a potentially necessary UMI Rome Accessory.

UMI Rome Accessories Bluetooth Bluetooth is a feature that allow devices to communicate and opens doors for UMI Rome Accessories here are some ideas.

UMI Rome Headphones
As mentioned in the review the sound quality is good but the speakers are not loud an easy way to get around this is with headphones.Wired options are simple choice that do not use as much energy as bluetooth headphones would but both are great options.

Bluetooth Projector
lacking in the OTG department leaves out options for plugging in USB devices which means that the only projector's that can be used to display UMI Rome activity will have to be connected a different way and a bluetooth projector is a great option.
UMI Rome Review
In terms of value for money you won't find many better options than UMI's Rome however it has it's good and bad find out what we made of it in our UMI Rome Review here

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