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Friday, 11 December 2015

Cubot X17 VS X16

Which is better the Cubot X17 Or X16? In truth it's very hard to tell the difference  find out which is superior here by viewing  this page of Cubot  VS Cubot

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Which Is Faster?
Processor is the same with only one key difference the X16 has 2GB of ram space which is the space used to run programs and our winner the Cubot X17 has 3GB.
All Chinese phones look the same
I have Asian friends I can tell the difference between Pacquiao and a Chinese person pacquiao eats sushi (Floyd Mayweather reference)
Now the phones give most problems but to the trained eye like mine I might be able to tell them apart.

Difference One
The X16 was available in black and white the X17 is only white.
Difference Two
Cameras are different shape circle for the X16 and square for the X17 this makes no difference to picture quality as the actual lenses of all cameras is circle.
Difference Three
Weight and dimension differ slightly
X16 0.162 KG
X17 0.163 KG

Lets Play Spot the Difference

Pricing And Shipping Temporary

Advantage of purchasing the X16 is that because it's slightly older the price has  dropped ever so slightly and it's has the option of being shipped from a local supplier providing easy returns.
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